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2.0 Special

Rajini fans go mobile-free for 68 minutes

For a regular cinema goer, the movie 2.0 may have been all about south Indian superstar Rajinikanth, but for his fans in Bengaluru, the movie was more about the message delivered by Pakshiraj, the villain of the movie played by Akshay Kumar.

The movie showed how, led by Pakshiraj, an ornithologist, the birds affected by radiation join forces to seek revenge on humans. It is up to Rajinikanth's character, Dr. Vaseegaran, to control this dangerous force using his robot Chitti.

In an attempt to spread the movie’s message, his fans decided to pay tribute to their Thalaivar, as he is fondly called by his fans, on his 68th birthday and to 2.0 in an unique way. The members of Karnataka State Rajinikanth Fans Association decided to go mobile-free for exactly 68 minutes on Wednesday.

Between 12.12 p.m. and 1.20 p.m., around 600 fans switched off their mobile phones to pay tribute to the star and his movie, which was released on November 29.

“The movie highlighted an important issue about how radiation from mobile towers is affecting birds. We wanted to spread greater awareness about the issue through the campaign on Thalaivar's birthday. A technology diet is what we need today. We wanted to show through the campaign the need to stay away from mobile phones at least for some time in the day. Around 600 fans participated in the initiative,” said Rajini Santhosh, president of the association.

The association also conducted a health camp for pourakarmikas in Lakkasandra ward office and planted 68 saplings in a government school ground in the neighbourhood.

“A blood donation camp and eye donation pledge was also held. Around 200 people donated blood and an equal numbers pledged to donate their eyes,” he said.

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