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2.0 Special

2.0 Telugu Pre Release Promotion

(Nov 26, 2081) Team 2.O is in Hyderabad Today for the pre-release promotions. Producers NV Prasad and Dil Raju acquired the Telugu theatrical rights of this sci-fi flick for Rs 76 crore.

Rajinikanth: 'We thought of converting 'Robo' into 3D. Upon looking at the output of a reel, Shankar decided we should attempt 3D only when we find the suitable subject. 3-4 Years back, He approached Me with the subject that's perfect for 3D. Never had any doubts how it would like as I had worked with him in the past. Subject is the major reason behind the success of 'Baahubali'. Using technology according to the subject scripted history. Even '2.O' is a perfect blend of good story & technology. Hats off to the Producer for offering whatever Shankar sought for the project. This movie doesn't need promotions. NV Prasad is unnecessarily wasting money. People are eagerly waiting to watch this movie. Even I am waiting for November 29th. Have the same excitement I had when my debut movie was scheduled to release. It's been 43 years since my journey as an actor began but the excitement remains the same. You will be blown away watching the entire movie in 3D. I believe '2.O' is going to be the pride of Indian Cinema'.

Akshay Kumar: 'It's not just a film for Me. It is like a school & Shankar is my principal. I have been in this Industry for 28 years. I learnt from '2.O' as much as I learnt in the past 28 years. I feel getting beaten up by Rajini sir a honor. Had worked so hard for my role. Waiting to watch it on November 28th'. 


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