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The first official sale of Sivaji distribution rights has taken place... 08/01/2007
Director Maniratnam confirms that he is not doing the Rajini's next project 08/01/2007
Indian postal service carried Rajini name for social service 06/01/2007
Interesting song about our Thalaivar in Lakshyam movie 06/01/2007
New video clips from Murattukalai. Thillu Mullu Video Clips updated! 04/01/2007
Interesting flashback on Rajini's love, marriage. Part 35 to Part 39 03/01/2007
Exclusive Picture Stills from the Super Hit Comedy Movie Thillu Mullu 02/01/2007
Compilation of Rajini Event Stills in the year 2006 31/12/2006
Management & Marketing Mantras from the punch dialogue of Rajini 27/12/2006
New video clips and songs from Mr Bharath 26/12/2006
Fan interviewed our Thalaivar during a flight trip 25/12/2006
Rajini's History is available up to Part 30. Daily Updated! 22/12/2006
Thalaivar watched Danush's Thiruvizhayadal Arambam 22/12/2006
Stunning still from Sivaji.... Rajini in Mottai Pose... 21/12/2006
Video Clips and Picture Gallery from Geraftaar Hindi Movie 21/12/2006
Will Sivaji be affected due to slash in cinema admission rates? 21/12/2006
Rajnikant’s fight scene part of hit French film 20/12/2006
New stills from the super hit movie Mr Bharath 20/12/2006
Did Superstar made negative comments about Devar community? 19/12/2006
Chandramukhi at Japan. Fans' celebration photos and videos at different cities 18/12/2006
Birthday Celebrations at Gerizim Rehabilation Trust, Bangalore 18/12/2006
Thalaivar at Selvaraghvan and Sonia Marriage Function 17/12/2006
Bangalore Birthday Celebration at Blind School 14/12/2006
Dubai Birthday Celebration - Live Radio programme by 13/12/2006
A campaign to increase the tenure of Hon.Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam as the President Of India 13/12/2006
IIMB Students Celebrate Superstar's 57th Birthday 13/12/2006
Compilation of Rajini Birthday News 13/12/2006
New record created by Chandramukhi.... Running more than 600 days 11/12/2006
Join superstar Birthday celebration at Bangalore... 11/12/2006
Behindwoods : Review of Unforgettable Punch Dialogues 10/12/2006
Thalaivar at Gayathiri Raghuram's marriage 09/12/2006
Thalaivar is happy about the Billa remake by Ajith. News and video coverage.. 08/12/2006
Chennai, Kovai & Madurai fans can wish our superstar for his birthday through Raj TV 06/12/2006
Rajini’s fame flies to France. Rajinikanth’s popularity is at an all-time high 06/12/2006
Superstar may go for Himalaya trip after Dec 15 04/12/2006
Superstar at Vivek's "Solli Adipen" audio release function. 03/12/2006
Bharathiraja son, Manoj, Marriage Function 02/12/2006
Kungumam : Puna shooting news and other interesting info about sivaji film 29/11/2006
Sivaji - folk dancer/professor passes away in an accident 26/11/2006
Superstar to go bald for Sivaji??? 25/11/2006
Sivaji heroine, Shreya, speaks about Rajini sir and Sivaji film 24/11/2006
Rajini's grandson was named as "Yathra"........ 21/11/2006
Singapore Rajinifans meeting. Minutes and photos available 19/11/2006
Rajini's daughter, Saundarya, making animation movie with Rajini in it... 16/11/2006
Internet voting. does it really matter as to who wins? 16/11/2006
Interview with Japan Fan Club Head Mr Yasuda 10/11/2006
Will Rajini accpet the Ravana role???? 10/11/2006
Shankar Interview in Kungumam Magazine 07/11/2006
Superstar: Rajnikanth highest paid actor in India 07/11/2006
Superstar became Super Grandpa 07/11/2006
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