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'Chandramukhi' background score released as album

'Chandramukhi' made so much money and is set to make some more records as the background score is to hit the market soon as an album. It seems this is the first time in India that a film's background music is being brought out as an album.
With a full heart and full coffers, Ram Kumar of Sivaji Productions has decided on this novel venture.

There will be a grand celebration of Sivaji's birth anniversary and 'Chandramukhi' jubilee on Oct 1. So, the film's background music release took place today afternoon (Sept 27, 2005) at a function held at GRT Grand Days in T Nagar.


Producers Ram Kumar-Prabhu, director P Vasu and music composer Vidyasagar together released the album.

"Even before the start of the film, when Rajini sir asked me about the music, the name that first came to my mind was Vidyasagar. For a film, the story and dialogues form the body and music is the costume. Just like the dress is important to a body, music is important to a film," said P Vasu in a rather poetic fashion. One could see the happiness spread across Vidyasagar's face.

P.Vasu, Vidhyasagar, Prabhu

"Even I am astounded by the music in 'Chandramukhi.' This has been my career best. The people responsible for this are the producers, director and Rajini sir. I took about 31 days only to score the background music. About 80 artistes participated in the orchestra," said Vidyasagar about the hard work that went into the music composition.

Last to speak was Prabhu. "After my father's demise, I wanted to do another round of films. That was fulfilled by 'Chandramukhi.' I owe it all to my brother Ram Kumar, Rajini, Kamal and friend Vasu," said Prabhu emotionally and sincerely.

Ram Kumar reminded the journalists present to attend the 'Chandramukhi' celebration without fail and handed out the invitations.

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