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Chandramukhi Special

Chandramukhi creates 'All Time Record' & retires!!

21 Sep 2007


Finally Chandramukhi finished his euphoric and thundering run in Shanthi for 891 days.

A record in this VCD/DVD age.

It ran in Shanthi as straight screen for - 877 days (A big all time record!!)

And shifted to Sai Shanthi for – 14 days

So, total – 891 days in a single complex. (A big all time record!!)

Amazing job Ramkumar sir:

We would like to thank Mr.Ramkumar of Sivaji Productions on behalf of all Rajinifans for his wonderful strategy and marketing (not for this 800 days + run) while making the movie and also for giving wonderful ads in the form of posters and teasers.

Sivaji productions used to paste posters once in 10 days. Until several months from the April 14 2005 they used to release posters once in ten days.

And also they released Making of Chandramukhi as a VCD and we enjoyed that very much. A different experience for us.

He also conducted a grand 200 days and 804 days function which was a real feast for us. As a production house Sivaji Productions did an amazing job and he's surely a role model for producers who make movie with Superstar.

Again Hats off Ramkumar Sir!

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