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Midnight queue for Chandramukhi Advance Ticket booking

Just a few days before, we have mentioned in this same column that, one does not know how and when the tickets of 'Chandramuki' are being sold. Some of the readers of Cinesouth have joined with us in our effort to track down about what is happening. Here is some interesting scenes for the readers..

The place Chennai, Shanthi Theatre, Night show was just over, and the people have gone back to their places. The place was deserted. The whole city is sleeping. But suddenly there were people started arriving, in single and in pairs. With in 3 'O' clock, in the early morning Shanthi Theatre was filled up with crowd.

At exactly 4.30 A.M., the temple doors were opened. (Some people may call them as ticket counter, but for Rajii fans, they are temple doors only) with in just 30 minutes, the tickets for all three shows of that particular day was sold out.

The whole crowd was in cheerful mood throughout. The 'Operator Booking' was executed with police protection. Why this farce is being enacted when the whole city is sleeping? A theatre worker explains the 'reason'. "We could not control the crowd during the daytime that is why, we are doing this midnight reservation".

This incident has been brought to our notice, (along with photos) by the reader of Cinesouth, 'Sundar'. He is also a fan of Rajini.

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