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Rajinikanth's Enthiran 2.0 to be Most Expensive Indian Film With Rs 350 Crore Budget
(Monday, 21st December 2015)

Lyca Productions, the producers of Shankar's magnum opus '2.0' (Enthiran Sequel) reveal to Sridhar Pillai EXCLUSIVELY never before heard details about the making of the movie, the gigantic budget, and the reason behind Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger's departure from the project.

They also touch upon the remake 'Kaththi' in Telugu, starring Megastar Chiranjeevi, which will be co-produced by them along with Ram Charan Teja and their forthcoming Bollywood project with Akshay Kumar, co-produced along with AR. Murugadoss.

Here are the excerpts from the exclusive interview with Subaskaran Alliraja, the Chairman of Lyca and Raju Mahalingam, the Creative Head of the Conglomerate..

You are now overnight turned to be the biggest producer?

Subaskaran: That’s what I heard.

You have the cream of the best of the technicians in the world. Could you elaborate on that?

Raju Mahalingam: After finishing Kaththi, which has created a magnum opus opening in Tamil Nadu, our chairman decided to make up a movie covering the entire Indian peninsula. Whenever we think about something big in cinema only one person who we love to call as the James Cameroon of India Shankar.

We are very lucky to get Shankar and Superstar Rajinikanth on board.

Where you in negotiations with Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger?

We were closely following up with Arnold. We had a couple of meetings with him. He was very excited about this script and making style of Shankar. He had watched ‘Enthiran 1’. That’s how he was interested in taking up this film. Unfortunately the contractual contradictions. We couldn’t bridge the Hollywood and Indian industry. So that’s the reason we couldn’t tie up with Arnold.

How did you manage to get Akshay Kumar on board?

Akshay’s entry into the film is quite interesting actually. Once I was in London to meet Mr.Akshay for another project ‘Ikka’. Mr.Jagan,a former associate of Murgadoss is directing it. Co-produced by Murugadoss along with us.

So Lyca is now funding that movie?

It’s not funding, it’s producing along with Murugadoss.

Starting production immediately?

We are going on floors in November.

You are also now backing the Chiranjeevi project?

Yes. Along with Ram Charan Teja we are producing Megastar Chiranjeeevi’s ‘Kaththi’ in Telugu. We are remaking it.

Tell us about the budget of ‘2.0’?

As of now we don’t know exactly. We are expecting something around Rs.350 crores.

Rs.350 crores…!!! Production cost alone?


When would the film release?

That, Shankar sir is the right person to decide on it.

Normally it will take at least one year right?

Obviously yes

So you are looking at somewhere around 2017? At least 2017 summer?

Yes. Crossing my fingers for that.

350 crores is a lot of money would you be able to recover that kind of money with the Indian market?

Probably with the combination of Akshay and Rajini sir, we are confident we can do.

Tell us something about why is Lyca entering film production You are so big you don’t necessarily require to enter movie industry?

He (Subaskaran) started these production for passion only not for profit making. He is very fond on Indian movies. Not only Tamil but also other language films.

Do you see a lot of Movies?

Subaskaran: Yes I do. At least one movie a day.

All you guys are passionate about movies and you are making the biggest movie in the country. Because you have got big stars. Not only Rajinikanth I would say Akshay, Amy and is there another heroine in the movie?

Raju Mahalingam: No. Amy is the only heroine.

One last word about how does it feel to make the biggest movie with Rajinikanth?

Subhaskaran: Very excited. It’s a great opportunity for me to do this project.

So here we have got some hot revealations about what has turned out to be the biggest film of Indian cinema as of now '2.0'. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the release of this huge magnum opus and we will keep you updated very interesting detail about the flick as and when we get them. Stay tuned.

Courtesy : Indiaglitz.com

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