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A Video on 4 Generation of Thalaivar Fans
(Friday, 14th December 2018)

Guys!!!! No words! Out of the world ! This 53 mins video took me 2 hours to watch.. to pause, reflect, relate and cry !! Each words uttered by each of you deserves an applause. Only a fellow fan can assess the depth, energy and emotion behind what you spoke. Standing ovation! (I really stood up while typing 👏👏) 
You made me to cry loudly... last time  was during the criticisms of Lingaa. Couldn’t control when Dev cited 2011 incident. Who on earth would have said those words and lived by it amidst  critical health condition! 

1) Dev & Raj Sir just relived our 80’s & 90’s lives. Citing several nuances of Thalaivar onscreen and offscreen.  Highlighting the best traits & convictions of Thalaivar 👌👌
Like for example, how Thalaivar  doesn’t consume negativities/praises, but keeps him busy !!
2) If we had liked his movies and fell for him, 4 decades is too long. As rightly said “It’s for the love of the man”. 
3) Admired the way when Dev tried to explain with calm and composure about all the dilution attempts of haters. 
4) Touching the topics of economical  impact in 80’s, 90’s and his movies/life as moral science reference .. His apology note to Vikatan regarding cutout.. Vera level ! This generation definitely needs to  get enlightened with this info! 
5) Vasee.. Man , as always you are awesome. If Thalaivar can make a person like you, then, there’s no more testimony required for him regarding his ‘Tamil’ connection. 
6) Special thanks to Lavanya for conveying her opinion about Kaala in front of Dev Sir. That’s exactly my opinion as well. We had difference of opinions after the FDFS. Like her, I too watched once only.  I can’t tolerate “my belief” (Thalaivar)  being ‘killed’ in the movie. Better to narrate such stories to other heroes if at all they have potential to give life to that story. 

“Everyone needs a Hero”. And we are fortunate that Hero is Thalaivar for us. 
When a few friends question me that, you are wasting your energy by being passionate on Rajini(basically they mean no monetary gains), I couldn’t reply much. But with this video, I can very well tell them. “Yeah right, may be, my passion has no returns. But I know what PASSION is. And you can never experience even half of that passion by pursuing something else!!” 

Thanks to the four of you for representing the devotees in us. You are living manifestations of Rajinism. 

- Magesh

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