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Superstar Rajinikanth at Raj Kamal Function
(Thursday, 26th December 2019)

(8 November 2019) “No one can separate me from Rajinikanth. We are friends forever,” said actor and Makkal Needhi Maiam chief Kamal Haasan.

Speaking at the unveiling of his mentor K Balachander’s statue at his RajKamal International office at Alwarpet today, Kamal Haasan, said, “Though Rajinikanth and me have lots of fans, we are our mutual admirers first. We appreciate and even criticise each other. But we know what your bonding is. When Maniratnam named Rajinikanth’s film as Thalaapthy, I was the first to know about it.”

“Once when Rajini said that he wants to quit cinema, I objected to his decision vehemently. Had he gone, people would have sent me out of cinema too. No one can separate us,” he added.

“Within a year of his entry to cinema Rajinikanth became an icon. I congratulate him for being announced as recipient of Golden Icon Award at IFFI. He is given a little late, may be after 44 years, Kamal Haasna said and added, “Success and failures never affected us. We are the same forever.”

Rajinikanth, Nasser, filmmaker Maniratnam, KB’s daughter Pushpa Kandaswami among others were present on the occasion. Kamal further announced that details about Raj Kamal’s 50th production would be released soon. It will be gala affair, he said.

On 17 November, a grand musical tribute “Ungal Naan – 60 glorious years” has been organised as part of Kamal Haasan’s birthday celebrations that will witness the performances of Ilayaraja in the presence of Rajinikanth.


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