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Superstar Rajinikanth is the second Indian to be a part of Bear Grylls adventure show
(Thursday, 30th January 2020)

TV presenter Bear Grylls on Wednesday put out an update on his upcoming "Man vs Wild" episode with South superstar Rajinikanth. Mr Grylls, who did a show with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last August, said that Rajinikanth will be the second from India to feature on his show. The "Man vs Wild" host also spoke about the success of his show with PM Narendra Modi, saying it helped create history with 3.6 billion impressions.

"After our episode with Prime Minister @NarendraModi of India helped create a bit of TV history, (3.6 billion impressions), superstar @Rajinikanth joins me next, as he makes his TV debut on our new show IntoTheWildWithBearGrylls on DiscoveryIN. ThalaivaOnDiscovery," Mr Grylls tweeted.

The shooting for the much-hyped show took place in the forests around Karnataka's Mysore on Tuesday. Rajinikanth, speaking to news agency ANI after the shoot, said he suffered minor bruises during the adventure.

"I have finished shooting for the 'Man vs Wild' episode. I have not received any wounds but some scratches due to little thorns. I am alright," the 69-year-old star told reporters at Chennai airport.

In a clip shared by news agency ANI, he was seen in a blue jacket and grey track pants, carrying a cross-body bag.

Bear Grylls' episode with PM Modi last year had drawn a huge audience.

Earlier, it was also reported that Rajinikanth suffered minor injuries while shooting in forests around Karnataka's Mysore. However, the actor clarified that he sustained only "scratches due to little thorns" during the shoot. "I have finished shooting for the 'Man vs Wild' episode. I have not received any wounds but some scratches due to little thorns. I am alright," Rajinikanth told media at Chennai airport, reported news agency ANI.


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