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Superstar Rajinikanth is the second Indian to be a part of Bear Grylls adventure show
லிங்கா - 140 கோடி அல்ல 180 கோடி - உண்மை ஒரு நாள் வென்றது!
நடந்ததை சொன்னேன் பெரியார் குறித்த பேச்சு ‘மன்னிப்பு கேட்க முடியாது’ ரஜினிகாந்த் திட்டவட்டம்
பெரியாரை வைத்து பிழைக்கும் கும்பல்கள் தான் எதிரிகள்
முரசொலி வாசகர்களை முட்டாள்கள் என கூறினாரா ரஜினி?
தர்பார் படம் விமர்சனம் - ஒரு ரசிகனின் தரமான விமர்சனம்
S-U-P-E-R S-T-A-R என வர ஆரம்பிக்கும் அந்த நொடி....... எப்போ தான்டா விடியும் !!!
ஒரு கபாலியாகத் தர்பார் சரித்திரம் படைத்துவிடுமோ?
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அப்பேதைய பரபரப்புக்கு பேசிவிட்டு மக்களை மறக்கும் சராசரி நபரல்ல ரஜினி!
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Thalaivar to join hands with Siruthai Siva, confirms Sun Pictures

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Superstar Rajinikanth will protest if Indian Muslims face trouble
(Wednesday, 5th February 2020)

Superstar Rajinikanth Rajinikanth on Wednesday said the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is not against Muslims. If any Muslim is affected he will lead the protests, he said.

"CAA is not against Muslims. Muslims will not be affected. If it affects them, I will come out and lead the protests," Superstar told reporters outside his Poes Garden residence in Chennai.

"Muslims cannot be sent away. Those Muslims, who wanted to go to Pakistan during partition, had left. Those, who believed this is their motherland, stayed back," Rajinikanth said. There is an attempt by some to create confusion, he added.

"Some political parties are misleading people about CAA. Students should not allow themselves to be misguided by parties. They should fully understand an issue, before jumping into protests," he said.

Rajinikanth said NPR is "essential" to check the presence of foreigners. "It was an exercise undertaken by the Congress in 2011, it was done in 2015 and also now. But, NRC has not yet been implemented. Only discussion is on," he said.

As for Sri Lankan refugees, Rajinikanth said, they should be given dual citizenship. "All the Sri Lankan refugees staying in Tamil Nadu should be provided with dual citizenship," he said.

Rajinikanth also said that he is an honest tax payer and has not indulged in any illegal trade practice. He was responding to a question regarding his submission to Income Tax authorities that he had lent money to a few people for interest.

The actor said, he has not yet received any summons to appear before a Commission inquiring into the firing against Sterlite protestors in Tuticorin in 2018.

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