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Annaatthe 1st Single Wins Hearts of Audience
(Saturday, 9th October 2021)

The first single of Rajinikanth's Annaatthe has been released on Monday, 4 October. This is the last song late legendary singer SP Balasubramaniam sang for Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth, on Twitter, wrote a heartwarming message as he recalls his 45-year association with SPB. The Tamil superstar said he never thought that SPB was singing for him for the last time. The 70-year-old actor went on to add that the singer will live forever through his voice.

The title track is composed by D Imman and Viveka has penned the lyrics.

A Mass Number

It is a mass track singing the praise of the hero sung in the typical old style. The song is high on energy which makes fans fall in love with the number in the first hearing itself. The lines blend with the tune perfectly.

Overall, this number has managed to garner a positive vibe around the film. In just a matter of an hour, the song has crossed over a million views.

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