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Grandfather Rajinikanth screens Annaatthe for his family and grandson
(Thursday, 28th October 2021)

Rajinikanth fans might be looking forward to Annaatthe, but the film has already got the thumbs up from a young audience member: the Superstar’s grandson, Ved.

In an audio message on Hoote, which has been founded by Soundarya Rajinikanth, the actor posted, “Ever since the release of the teaser, Ved, who is six years old, has been repeatedly asking me to screen the film for him. I kept telling him that it wasn’t fully ready yet, but he kept pestering me. For his sake, I kept egging director Siva to complete work fast. I came back from Delhi recently, and the makers arranged for a special screening of the film in the Sun Network office.”

He adds, laughing, “My other grandsons, Yatra and Linga (actor Dhanush’s children) were away in Kodaikanal. Fearing a ragalai among my grandchildren, I hid the news of the special screening from them.”

The Rajinikanth household attended the special premiere on Wednesday evening and Ved seems to be thrilled. “He was sitting right next to me throughout the screening. This is the first film of mine that he is watching, and it was very special. After the film, he hugged me tight, saying, ‘Thathu, I am so happy.’”




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