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This message isn't meant to ignite any
(Sunday, 13th April 2008)
Dear Friends & Fans,

Please read this message of mine with extreme caution. This message isn't
meant to ignite any "regional fanatics" here - but I want you to
spend some moments and THINK. I want you all to start spreading a new
message around - a message that, we should NOT be distinguished by
the colour, religion or the state where we come from, but we should
be identified to the nation that we belong to - Be Indian and be
proud to be one!

Satyaraj and co., have flamed us with their fiery speech. This is not
going to be the last and we will be faced with such issues in the
future too.

In the last few days I have been watching and re-watching the video -
and I had felt very uneasy about it. I felt uneasy, not because what
Satyaraj and others talked about, BUT I felt uneasy that history is
been often misused to fit our present needs.

There are many states in India - and we all know who's facing more
issues in and around our country? Yes, it's Tamilians. Tamilnadu &
Karanataka is at loggerheads, Tamilnadu & Kerala has issues on Mullai
Periyar, Tamils has problems at our adjacent country (Name was
withheld, because the objective of this discussion is something else)
and Tamils have started another issue at Malaysia too.

The people from other states are not saints, but they are not
whipping so much of a problem, like how we do. There are many reasons
to this, but if you dig deep, you will find that - it's because of
our own people who are whipping the passion of being TAMIL. We tend
to think that we are "superior" to the rest and a false pride is been
instilled on us these days.

I was watching the - Tamil Pechu - program in Vijay TV. I am
surprised to see some of them raking up the - Anggavai & Sanggavai -
again. And one managed to claim that Rajini isn't a Tamilian! I don't
know how many of you managed to catch this.

I have a few questions for these so called "protectors" of tamilians
& tamil language!

1. Do you think MGR is a tamilian? His name is Marudur Gopalamenon
Ramachandran. He's a Malayalee! And yet, you call him as a - Pachhai
Tamilian - and he ruled Tamilnadu for many many years!

2. Do you think JJ is a tamilnadu person? She was born in Mysore as
Komalavalli. She's a kannada brahmin and yes she ruled TN very well

3. Do you think Namitha is a tamilian? Our so called Tamil preachers
often found acting with her!

4. Do you think Pepsi, Coke, Fastfood, Jeans, Foreign cars, Pizza
are - Tamil kalaachaaram? Those who preach has non-tamil lifestyle!

5. Why do you whip the Tamil passion up and CRY when you are faced
with the same thing at Maharashtra?

6. Lord Ram, Krishna and many others are north indian born hindu
gods. Does the Tamil preachers dare to say that?

En enizha Tamizh Makkallae, we are in the midst of another new year.
I want you to spare some moments thinking about this. Tamil is a
beautiful language and it has a wonderful history. Likewise, every
other language and state has. We, as human, do not have any right to
hurt anyone through our act or language. Let's not spoil the
beautiful fabric because of the some ill driven passion. India is a
multi cultural country and let's not spoil it.

Happy Tamil new year!


Raj (a concerned INDIAN!)
Special Correspondent Rajinifans.com, Singapore

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