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Daler singing in Tamil for Kuselan
(Thursday, 24th April 2008)

LANGUAGE NO BAR: Daler has recently recorded the title track of Rajinikanth starrer Kuselan.LANGUAGE NO BAR: Daler has recently recorded the title track of Rajinikanth starrer Kuselan.Daler Mehndi may have definitely made his mark on the Punjabi rock scene, but it seems he's not stopping there. The singer is now lending his voice to Rajinikanth and is singing a Tamil song for the star's forthcoming film Kuselan.

The all-Punjabi Daler Mehndi, who’s taking a crash course in Tamil with music director G V Prakash, seems to be a fast learner.

He has recently recorded a song called Perinba Pechukaran [Paer inba Paech kaaran], which is the title track of Rajnikanth's next big film Kuselan.

As for Daler, having sung in Telegu once before for the film Yama Donga, making his mark in Tamil may no longer be as challenging.

“I have been approached by a lot of people, even A R Rehman, to sing for them but none of the offers was big as this. I'm very glad that I'm singing for Rajinikanth. I’m also very happy that I have sung both in Telugu and Tamil,” Daler said.

And as for composer G V Prakash, Daler's come quite a long way since his musical debut in the Tamil film Veyil.

Prakash, who’s guiding Daler through a few Tamil tongue twisters, says only Daler could have done justice to the song.

“This is the most fascinating song of the movie because it happens in the picture itself and it's a Rajinikanth song so it needs to be upbeat to hit the masses,” Prakash said.

Kuselan is set to release in August this year, so get ready to hear Daler sing a whole new tune soon.


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