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Thalavari's Kuselan has been
(Thursday, 1st May 2008)

Thalavari's Kuselan has been purchased for a whopping Rs 60 crore by Pyramid Saimira, according to trade reports.

It is the biggest deal in south Indian cinema in recent times and Pyramid Saimira Group Chairman P S Saminathan confirmed to Chennai Times that the group had bought all the rights of the film.

He, however, politely declined to confirm the price at which the deal had been struck. According to reports, there was a bidding war for the rights of the film which is a remake of the Malayalam super hit Katha Parayumbol and focusses on the bond between a superstar and a village barber who were childhood buddies.

Rajinikanth plays the role of the superstar made memorable by Mammootty in the original, while Pasupathy dons the barber's role.

Rajinikanth is doing an "extended cameo" as the story has been re-written by Vasu to suit the image of the Superstar.

He will appear along with Nayantara in two songs and many more scenes as the producers Kavithalaya wanted to market it as a Rajinikanth film.

Kavithalaya is the production company of Rajinikanth's guru and mentor K Balachander who is making it in association with Seven Arts̢۪ Vijayakumar, who made the original in Malayalam.

There was a virtual bidding war between Pyramid Saimira and a Mumbai-based corporate for the rights of the film. The market is amazed that Kuselan in which Rajinikanth is making only a special appearance could fetch such a price.

Commenting on the huge deal, Saminathan said, "Rajini is India's Number one star, both in terms of popularity and in terms of the collections index. His market stretches across many countries and his opening is the biggest compared to any other star. He has a solid fan base and is the only hero who can count children, women, men, and teen as his audience. He is the only hero with class as well as mass appeal."

Throwing light on the marketing strategy they will implement for this film, he said, " We will market the film with proper carry, befitting the hero and opening. We will do a proper controlled release and also have multiple revenue streams."

If a "guest appearance" garners Rs 60 crore, imagine the price a full length Rajinikanth film like Robot can fetch in the open market.


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