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How to punish Yellow Reporter & Gapsa Vikatan?
(Friday, 9th May 2008)

This week Kumudam Reporter has come up with a defaming article on our Superstar and Kuselan shooting. It has alleged that - 'Fans have been driven away by securities from Kuselan shooting spot and also they were manhandled by the crew. And Superstar didn't bother that and he simply went inside the caravan.'

Sheer arrogance and ill feeling
Kumudam's sheer arrogance and ill feeling towards Superstar has been proved yet another time. Thats all.

Kumudam poster with Positive articles on Superstar & Reporter poster with Negative articles

பிழைக்கவும் ரஜினி; பழிக்கவும் ரஜினி! இது தான் குமுதம் ஸ்டைல!!

Our friends who were there at the shooting spot said that watching Kuselan shooting was a wonderful experience and nothing happened as Kumudam alleges.

It is true that some cameras were snatched and that too has been returned later by the guards. Put yourself in P Vasu's shoes. You will know how difficult it is to shoot a Rajini film in Tamil Nadu. It is natural that some chaos will be there for such out door shootings and that too when Superstar takes part in it.

We bet that such 'Huge crowd thronging to the sets' won't happen to other stars' shooting and therefore no such problems.
Just imagine will this happen to any other film shooting?

It is also alleged that the crew didn't get enough food because of visitors. This happens for each and every film. Since this is associated with Rajini film - it has made a news. Otherwise who is going to bother. Moreover, if fans denied the food which has been brought for shooting crew, then it will also be blamed. (The same Kumudam reporter then will come up with a story - 'Fans denied food in Kuselan shooting. They returned hungry!)

Will media ever bother to shoot the pictures intruding into the sets? Will they shoot without permission? (Kumudam has secretly shot the pictures. Fans too shot secretly. We know. But they didn't use it to defame Superstar or Kuselan unit. But Kumudam has used it to defame. So, Kumudam has commited a blunder)

Just to satisfy 'somebody'
Kumudam just penning article to satisfy 'somebody'. It thinks that 'somebody' would benefit - if it defames Superstar. But that somebody will become nobody in future. And everybody is going to watch that.

Junior Vikatan too has come up with a similar article with a venomous heading. But the article is partly soft. Not because of soft corner towards Superstar. It is because it has given importance to another matter which it carried as a cover story - an actor turned politician's Delhi visit. (ha..ha..ha..)

பிழைக்கவும் ரஜினி; அமுக்கவும் ரஜினி! இது தான் விகடன் ஸ்டைல்!!

Time will teach Kumudam & Vikatan a good and unforgettable story. That is sure.

இந்த பூனைகளுக்கு நிச்சயம் ஒருவன் மணி கட்டுவான் - எதிர்காலத்தில்!

Note: Many friends asking us what shall we do for this and this is becoming a continuing story. PRESENTLY - the good and wise solution would be - discard these magazines. Even for this article we have taken photographs of posters alone. We didn't buy them. Some of our friends told us about the content. And they too read it in some library.

முட்டாள்களை தண்டிப்பதற்கு எளிய வழி - அவர்களை புறக்கநிபதுதான்.

Wise way to punish fools is just ignoring them. OK...?


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