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A stylish actor whom Superstar admires most!
(Friday, 16th May 2008)

This piece is developed from yesterday's Dailty thanthi news. I have added some incidents which i have recollected from the past.

"Livingston - a wonderful actor" - Rajini

Superstar returned to Chennai last week from Kuselan shoot in Udumalaipet and now is in the break. Even though his portion is not being shot now - he calls P Vasu and eagerly enquires about the daily progression of the shooting. Vasu is now shooting in and around Pollachi with Vadivelu, Pasupathy, Meena and others.

Now the portions of Livingston is going on. Livingston is coming as a financier in the movie, where actor Innocent has played in the original Katha Parayumpol. Those who saw the original version, say that his character is one of the important characters and a full comedy character.

When Superstar came to know that portions of Livingston is being canned, he called P Vasu and enquired about that. P Vasu replied that Livinston is simply rocking.

Superstar was very much happy and said, "Livingston is a wonderful actor. Even if you give him a small role, he will stand out of the rest and amaze you. His acting will be very stylish and interesting to watch."

Superstar shared his experience of acting with Livingston in Veera and Sivaji with P Vasu and congratulated P Vasu for his perfect decision for roping in Livingston for that financier character.

P Vasu later narrated this to Livingston who is in the shoot. "Rajini sir called me and spoke about you for more than half an hour...."

Livingston became euphoric and said, "Rajini sir is the person who defined style. If he says that my acting is stylish then it is equal to an oscar award."

Livingston's earlier vibes with Superstar

1) Livingston said this in an interview to a magazine when he was acting in Veera with Superstar. "Else like others, i too was waiting for the golden opportunity to act with Rajini sir. Even i prayed to Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala that i will seek alms before the temple entrance if i get a chance to act with Superstar. Now i have got that. I will accomplish my prayer. Thank God for giving me such a golden opportunity."

2) During Superstar's Cauvery fast (2002) he is one of the actor who stood with Superstar. He met thalaivar at the stage and presented him white pigeons (symbol of peace) which was set free by Superstar. And also he gave a wonderful byte in Sun TV regarding the protest and appealed for truce.

3) Though thalaivar gets innumerous wedding invitations from Kollywood each month - he used to attend only selective weddings. Some he attends just because of the affection he keeps with the bride or groom, some he attends as courtesy, some just because of no way to avoid. Superstar attended Livingston's wedding without fail - a decade ago, when he get married. Because of the good will he haves with Livingston.

Is Kuselan release preponed?

Reports say that Kuselan's release may be preponed from September to mid July. However this couldn't be verified. Just rumours. P Vasu earlier said that he will think about the release date only when he finishes the movie.

As per schedule, the movie is likely to be wrapped up by June. And later on post production works including dubbing and re-recording will be carried on. For this they would require a minimum of two weeks. Later audio release. So, just calculate yourself the release date....
and stay cool...enjoy the present tense....


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