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Superstar Rajinikanth will soon be seen in comics
(Tuesday, 24th June 2008)

The superstars fame is reaching sky high. He was on T-shirts (in U.S., it is a rage to wear T-shirts with depicting Rajni after a pop artist started this trend few years ago; it is catching up again now), footage related to his film were featured in foreign films (French film Prete-moi Ta Main), so many film personalities acted as his fans in their films, and so many heroes declared they are his fans and modelling their lives after him. It is needless to mention his fanfare throughout the world. Soon, he will be in COMICS!

Yes! This is the idea of a Chennai-based artiste Gaman, who heads a publication company called Krea Comics. Earlier, Gaman conceptualised a project and created some designs and illustration based on Sivaji's Rajinikanth and discussed this idea with the producers of Sivaji, but the project did not take off. Now, he has created another prototype of his project and is in touch with the makers of Robot. Pretty soon, the results will be out. And it looks like this time, it is going to be a positive result.

So, pretty soon, we will get to see our superstar in comic books. This is a very rare and incredible achievement for any star. Though films are bigger than comic books and video games, an actors fame is considered to have reached its highest point if he or she is featured in a comic book or a video game or a cartoon. It shows their iconic status. In the West, only the likes of Arnold Schwarzenneger and Bruce Willis have achieved it. In Asia, Jackie Chan had been featured in a cartoon called 'The adventures of Jackie Chan'. In India, Neetu Chandra (she acts alongside Madhavan in Yavarum Nalam) is featured in a 3D mobile game which is a tremendous achievement by her.


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