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King Khan vs Southern Shehanshah Rajini
(Saturday, 28th June 2008)
Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, June 27: Actor Shah Rukh Khan is yet again pitted against a top superstar. And no it’s not Big B. It’s an even bigger this time round as King Khan has some fierce competition coming his way from Southern Shehanshah Rajinikanth.

But wait it’s no blog thrashing or poke fun remarks that the two actors are involved with, in fact, it’s purely business and that makes things even messier.

Sources told Spicezee that SRK’s film ‘Billo Barber’ and Rajinikanth film ‘Kuselan’ are both inspired by a Malayalam hit ‘Katha Parayumpol’. It’s obvious then that the two films have the same story line where two childhood friends drift apart after one of them grows up to be a superstar taking the nation by storm and the other is reduced to a village barber.

However, what’s interesting is that Rajinikanth’s flick has beaten SRK film to the release date and the Southern actor’s film will now release much in advance than that of King Khan’s.

It seems that this time SRK will have to work harder to retain his king’s stature as the competition is getting tougher

Source : http://www.zeenews.com


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