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Rajini Relationship with People of Japan
(Wednesday, 24th September 2008)

Rajini Relationship with People of Japan

There is no introduction needed for Ramakrishnan. He was the dialogue writer for Baba . He is one of the top most writers of Tamil Language and one of his articles in Ananada Vikatan which was recently published was admired and appreciated by all Tamil people. He has analyzed the relation ship of Rajini with Japan people.

Let us go to Ramakrishnan what he says . Rajini is admired in Japan like Spiderman and superman. His film details comes as flash news in Japan news channel. A private organization named Toyoata recently launched a new eatable product Mexican Chilly Chips. The product was sold successfully and had a high marginal profit. After eating that chips packets are thrown off. It is folded properly and taken with them. The people of japan long very much for the arrival of Rajini in their country.

His spiritual ness and simplicity have been the qualities that inspired and made the Japanese people to fall behind him easily. The people of Japan search if at all there is any actor who can be compared with these two qualities.

Yamashita a native from Japan has met writers, directors, Lyricist and producers from Tamilnadu and he had discussed this two thought provoking quality to them. There are very less Tamil people in Japan and there is no exposure of proper Tamil literature in Japan. There are some experiments conducted and based on the result of that experiments they have found there was a relationship between Chola Dynasty and Japan. We want to write a book on the changes of Tamil cinema. There were some news item, paper ,cinema related news  found in Tamil language and English books  at their room related to Rajini. We witnessed their Commitment and hardwork in translating these articles,news and English books into their own native language.    

We asked those Japanese people whether they have met Rajini.They said long back they have met Rajini at his bangalore residence.

S. Ramakrishnan
Translated by Padmanabhan

4 Comment(s)Views: 654

Thursday, 25th September 2008 at 08:39:00

It was a pleasant surprise to me see the name Hiroshi Yamashita in this article. He was my hostel mate during my PG days in Chennai and Yamashita was doing his Phd then. My next room neighbour and a good friend. Very nice person to be friend with. He used to talk very fluent tamil those days itself. I never thought he could be the japanese translator for Muthu. I will be glad to get in touch with him to cherish the golden days memories.


Thursday, 25th September 2008 at 07:15:12

Not here all over world our thalaivar is king........." The Lord cinema Industries " = Super Star...................
Wednesday, 24th September 2008 at 22:46:09

N Ratnam,India/chennai/adyar
Wednesday, 24th September 2008 at 19:29:59

dear rajinites (all rajini fans to be called like this from now on) tell me, why japan people like rajini our thalaivar.. becos of
his speed ( surusuruppu)... they are known for their hardwork.

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