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Media campaign mislead the Fans!
(Tuesday, 21st October 2008)

Once again Media launched its own campaign on Rajini and his much awaited ‘fans meet’. According to some vernacular portals and dailies here, the superstar will meet his fans in a day or two.

According to the reports, Rajini decided to meet the fan club functionaries after seen the flood of letters from thousands of his hardcore fans and club functionaries all over the country. In most of the letters the fans suggest their Thalaivar to launch a political party in future, even after knowing well about their Thalaivar’s mentality in this aspect.

Another report says that Rajini would meet the fans in the first week of November after Deepavali. Also the report told that the head quarters of Rajini fans club instructed all the fan club functionaries to limit the number of fans come along with them to meet Thalaivar.

Is there any fact involves in these reports?

When we enquired Ragavendra Mandapam sources, they say: “We are really confused and wonder how these kinds of reports spreads in the media. Without refer anyone from our side, they simply published something and suggests something which makes pep to their reports. Till this moment, Rajini sir didn’t say anything to make such arrangements.

But he is very firm in meeting his fans soon. It is totally depends on his convenience and schedule. But as usual we don’t know the actual date and time. That will be announced our Thalaivar only.

Yesterday also a group of fans came from a Southern District to meet Thalaivar after gone through some fake reports. Our humble request is, don’t rush to Ragavendra Mandapam once you have seen some guess appeared as ‘reports’ in media. Please be patient till our Thalaivar’s further order. It will definitely come to your door steps without the need of any intermediaries…!”



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Rasigar En 7,USA
Thursday, 23rd October 2008 at 07:57:28

Once again stresses the need for a Public Relations firm to manage all this. The same firm could hire a lawyer's office to take legal action against the newspapers/magazines/TV Channels. It is against the law to abuse ones power of the media to spread incorrect or false information.

Wednesday, 22nd October 2008 at 02:53:37

its not new this time.few weeks before kumudham had pubblished thatour thalaivar is goin to launch new party on oct 9 ,they also added tht our thalaivar had taken the decision after seeing
astrologist.no one to ask?

vazhga thalaivar

Tuesday, 21st October 2008 at 20:53:30

If reports coming in the media is wrong for this long why hasn't no body from Rajini's side taken any action on it. I mean they can sue the particular paper or TV for spreading false information about him right? Why hasn't that been initiated? I am really confused!

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