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Rajinikanth & Vijayakanth: A rare scene!
テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテツテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「
Rajini's talent was not fully utalized
テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつョテつセテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「 テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ
テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャ邃「テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ暁禿δテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつ」テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「 テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつセテδテ
テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ. テ
テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつソ テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつイテδテつョテつセ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテ
テδテつョテツテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテつェテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ..
Manithan surpassed Nayagan collection at all centers
テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつョテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつエテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテつ」テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつオテδテつッテつテδテつョテ
I can see only one actor to play Balram: Rajnikanth!
テδテつョテ銀テδテつョテつエ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδ
テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテつ」テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつオテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつセテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「
Mediaテδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「s campaign mislead the Fans!
テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつョテδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテ窶愿δテつッテ銀 テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャ
Sridhar, the Man of self respect and confidence!
テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「竄ャナ。テδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつアテδテつッテつ催
テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ暁禿δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「 テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテ「竄ャツケテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテ
テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつアテδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテ銀: テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイ テδテつョテつェ
テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテツテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテ

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Rajini's emotion in the climax left the viewers spell bound
(Friday, 31st October 2008)

Thappu Thalangal was directed by K. Balachander and produced by KB close associates banner Premalaya which released in 2 languages Tamil and Kannada.  The Kannada version (Thappida Thala) released before the release of Tamil Version.  Thappida Thala was released on 06.10.1978 and Thappu Thalangal was released for 1978 Deepavali (30.10.1978). Two more Rajini films were released together with Thappu Thalangal and they are Thaai Meethu Sathyam and Aval Appadithaan.

Following movies were released on the same day :

Pilot Premnath - Sivaji Ganesan - A.C. Thrilokchandar
Sigappu Rojakkal - Kamal Hassan - Bharathiraja
Manitharil Ithanai Nirangala - Kamal Hassan - R.C. Shakthi
Kanna Moochi - Sivakumar - R. Pattabiraman
Vandikaran Magan - Jaishankar - Amirtham
Athistakaran - Nagesh - Venu
Thanga Rangan - Thengai Srinivasan - Dakshnamoorthy

At Chennai, Thappu Thalangal was released at Pilot, Broadway, Krishnaveni and Uma as a regular shows at all theaters.
This was a black and white film which was produced in very low budget.  Inspite of big films (those days) like Pilot Premnath, Sigappu Rojakkal, Thai Meethu Sathyam, Vandikaran Magan, etc Thappu Thalangal did a decent business and commercially became a hit.

During those days, this film opened with reservation in all the city theaters and it is not easy to pull the audience to the theaters for one film but imagine our Superstar had created waves and broken that record that he can pull the audiences to all his 3 films at a time.

In Thappu Thalangal, the major plus point was KB dialogue and daring attempt in the film industry after Arangkettram.

Rajini with a  big mustache was a big attraction at the Pilot theatre stills board. Kamal only plays a minuscule guest role but he had a good coverage in the stills. People were trying to assume the story of the movie looking at the stills, with some people saying, Kamal is the hero, he and Sarita are happy going couple and Rajini disturbs their life and he is the villain etc. Ultimately every one got it wrong, Rajini was the hero of the film.

This film received well critically, with people appreciating the acting of Rajini. "Ennada Polladha Vazhkai" song was a rage that time, with radio playing the song very frequently. Rajini's acting in the climax scene was a revelation and Tamil cinema had not seen such type of emotions from any actor for an action packed emotional climax. Rajini would have just killed the villan (Sundar - Kannda Actor), and will be returning with a satisfying and yet regretful emotion, only to meet his sister who will tell him that, she is now happy and she has just married to the villan with out realizing that Rajini has killed him. That emotions which he displays in the climax left the viewers spell bound. Rajini will display  mix of loud laughter, cries, anger, anguish, disgust, disappointment, all in one shot in that scene. Rajiniテδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「s character "Devu" became famous those days!

According to the box office performances, Thappu Thalangal ran more than 75 days in all the major cities and distributors share was very profitable and motivated them to buy forthcoming Rajini movies. 

One of the leading producer Panchu Arunachalam explained about the black and white low budget movie releases.  During 60 & 70テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「s, it will not cost more than 6 to 7 lakhs to produce a film for upcoming actors.  If they release the film with 25 prints, definitely they will earn around 25 to 30 lakhs for a good film and this will be considered as a great business those days.  This is the scenario for our Thappu Thalangal. 
Number of days Thappu Thalangal managed to run in the city areas as follows:

Madurai - Sivam - 89 Days in 3 shows (highest run)
Coimbatore テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ Arul テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ 75 Days 3 shows
Salem テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ Theater name unknown - 75 Days in 3 shows
Chennai - Pilot - 74 Days in 3 shows
Chennai - Broadway - 75 Days in 3 shows
Chennai - Krishnaveni テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ 68 Days in 3 shows
Chennai - Uma テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ 68 Days in 3 shows
Trichy テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ Theater Name Unknown - 61 Days 3 shows
Vellore テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ Raja テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ 40 Days in 3 shows

During the time of Thalapathy release, Bangalore fans released a special sovegnier (Malar) on our Superstar and it mentioned that Thappu Thalangal ran 100 days in Kovai - Arul Theater . Can someone confirm this news?

- T.Ve. Rajesh & Dharma


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Wednesday, 26th November 2008 at 22:23:59

I have been pracharam-ising this movie for years. About 15 years ago, suddenly a theatre decided to re-release old films, among them was Adimai Penn and Tappu Thalanggal (the others did not interest us at that time).

In retrospect, I am thinking what the theatre owner was smoking when he decided to re-release a totally unmarketable film like TT. But boy, am I grateful for that dastardly deed!

I watched it with my brother. And both of us came back, speechlessテδ「テ「窶堋ャテつヲremember this was the time when film industry has totally changed.

TT is a crude, in your face, love it or hate it type of film. KB must have some leftover money in his Murukku jar and decided lets just use it to film something cheap using a brilliant script and came up with TT.

The cameraman must have had bad back after shooting this because it is clearly not a normal flexi-cam, but just normal cam forced to be flexi. Jerky, uneven, and sometimes a bit out of focus, it did convery a reality that we donテδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「t want to see. But we are forced to be there, with those low-lives and their lives.

When some actress is praised for being daring to play a prostitute, especially those looking like Miss World contenders, I scoff at them. They should first watch this film and decided that it is best that they pursue a career that requires more glamourous version of selling skin. Saritha in her debut does a great job. She is believable as a low class prostitute.

And Rajini! Crass, brutish, and unpredictable, and with a dose of humour that make you feel guilty even laughing about it, he comes off perfectly well as a low-life goon for hire. Ranks alongside Mullum Malarum as his best performance eve, his effortless performance should be a text book lesson.

And of course, Kamal makes two hilarious appearance and lightens down the situation. (I hear he insisted that he want to be in it).

Many has forgotten this film, including some of the newer Rajini film who probably never heard of it. Its time to remind them. Its also time to remind Rajini about his lost talent.


k s amarnath,bangalore
Saturday, 8th November 2008 at 07:46:14

t.ve.rajesh where is the box office report of this week I am waiting eagerly please report as soon as possible
Wednesday, 5th November 2008 at 16:42:33

テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつウテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつアテδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテつェテδテつョテツクテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャ邃「テδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつッテつ. テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつョテδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつオテδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテつェテδテつョテツクテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつテδテつョテつオテδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャ邃「テδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつッテつ. テδテつョテつョテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつテδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつエ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつ」テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつョテδテつョテつセテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつセテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ.
Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 07:07:36

thappu thalangal is a brilliant movie...one of rajini sir's best performance.....
Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 03:34:32

i like the song ennada pollatha vazhkai from this movie. Goog lyrics by Kannadasan.

Superstar will comb his hair by watching the mirror and after that he will stir his hair to make it normal. Super scene.

Saritha's performance is wonderful. I think, this is her first film

Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 07:26:33

watch bujjigadu (telugu) trailer, a puri jagannath film.. especially the song thalaiva... vaaa. vaaa.
The best song (that too in telugu) eulogising thalaivar . provide link (indiaglitz)

Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 04:15:16

Thanks Amarnath and I am plased to see your expectations. Sure I will do my best in forthcoming box office news and try to fulfill your eagerness.
k s amarnath,bangalore
Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 00:33:23

after reading the box office report of manithan I was waiting for the next report with lot of eagerness and anxiety and I was going mad to read the next box office report and thank god you have given the report and please continue these reports it is an excellent job done by our fans especially t.ve.rajesh and a special thanks to rajinifans.com and I request to write the box offfice reports of rajini's telugu, kannada, hindi movies
thank you

N Rajesh,India
Friday, 31st October 2008 at 22:55:39

Good !.. SS alway rocking from 70's

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