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Functions & Events

Sivaji Silver Jubilee Function - Live Report (Part 2)

12 Jan 2008


Superstar's speech

Sooravali ondru suzahalapoghudhu

Now the anchor said : Amaidhiyai irukkum arangam adhirapogudhu….Sooravali ondru suzahalapoghudhu ippozhudhu….….. most anticipated, most expected thalaivar came to deliver his speech and I could hear nothing but applause and whistles even before the comperer finishes his sentence. Iyooo….it took more than two minutes for the claps to settle down. I head shouts "Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaa……Superstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar" from the balcony.

Thalaivar addressed Chief Minister in his traditional style (thennindhiya mootha arasiyal thalaivar Dr.Kalaignar avargale) and finally said his trademark "Ennai Vaazha vaiththa deivangalan Tamilzhaga makkalae…. (Do I need to mention the applauds and whistles and shouts again here?)

Thanks to all Chief ministers

Though they knew that there is some politics in the film I thank Chief minister Kalaignar, Former CM Jayalalithaji and Chandra babu naiduji for accepting my invite to preview the film and singing their praises on it.

I thank the English media houses CNN-IBN, NDTV, Headlines today and Times Now separately for their wonderful coverage of the film during release. Thanks to them again. You all know that Sivaji had an excellent run in many abroad countries and in many parts and states of North India and it is a pride for me to be as part in such film and it is again pride for Tamil. (He didn't claim he is the reason anywhere)

I also thank my make-up artiste Bhanu for showing me young and also KV Anand sir for the same. Withouth their hardwork it would be impossible to show me such youthful.

Punch dialogues

Thalaivar uttered many instant punch dialogues throughout the function.

"Panam irundhaal unnai unakku theriyaadhu…panam illavittaal unnai yaarukkum theriyadhu…."

"Nee saapidurathu un udambilayae thangitta un udambu kettu poyidum. Nee sambathikirathu un kittayae thangitta nee kettu poiduva"

KB sir asked ME "How did you acted like this. Wonderful." I said "Sir, during Avargal, Moondru Mudhichu how did I acted? Without any refusal or hesitation or single word I acted. Like this I did what director Shankar asked me to do."

I am following Saint Kapila's Saanki yoga in my life. Director Shankar is following that without knowing himself that he is following in that.

Just wish to possess something. Prepare action plan for that. Get the necessary persons to implement. Achieve that. Enjoy that. Then give the rest to others. This is Sanki Yoga.

By God'd grace ROBOT has been decided with the same Sivaji team. It happened all of a sudden unexpectedly. As Shankar promised about Sivaji that it will be more that Chandramukhi, we will try to give more than Sivaji in ROBOT. Before that I will be doing a guest role for my gurunathan K B sir. Sultan will hit the screens next year starting.

I didn't get appointement from Sai baba for 4 times

When Puttaparthi Saibaba was in Chennai I tried to meet him but I couldn't get his appointment. Earlier I tried 4 times I couldn't get his darshan. While I he was in Chennai after severe attempt I had opportunity to meet him through Murali – my friend. He insisted that if you invite him he will come please invite. But when I invited him – he just said a single world "paarkalam" and ent off. He rarely meets anybody at their house. That mighty Saibaba himself went to Kalaignar's house. Then imagine how big person is Kalaignar. What to do….some don't like God. But God like them. This is happeing with Kalaignar. He has diving blessings.

I also thank CM for writing me a letter of praise for me for watching Periyar. And also K Veeramani sir, for co-operating with me during Baba release on the song issue. A real thinker with analytical thinking.

I don't want to speak politics here. What all I request is just take care of Kalaignar at this ripen age and look after him happily.

Thus Superstar spoke and signed off. The moment Superstar finished his speech, the people started moving and vacating and many seats started becoming empty. This created some uneasiness in the diaz. (Our member Prathap vanished)

The hall is now half empty

SPM came next for his speech. He understood that there will be nobody in hall while Kalaignar starts his speech. Already the time is nearing 9.45 pm.

He pleaded the audience not to go until CM speaks. SPM said as there is a woman behind every man's success it is Latha Rajinikanth, consort of Superstar behind his success. He admitted that though he had done nearly two dozen films with Supestat he couldn't deliver a film like Sivaji like Shankar did.

Kalaignar's speech

Thambi Superstar Rajini is a mirror

Finally Kalaignar came to speak. He looked very tired at that time. But once he started his speech his voice (what a voice!) reverbrated in the speakers of auditorium. Whenever he utterd the name Superstar, the crowd burst into whistles and claps and became tougher to settle down.

He said: Sivaji became hit all over the world wherever there is Tamil peoples's presence and not only among Tamils – it became success among other language people. This is a success of Tamil. Wherever Tamil gets succeeds I will be there to honour it.

Electrification and cheerful waves

Whenever I utter brother Superstar Rajinikanth's name – I could sense the electrification and cheerful waves. Whenever I meet him, I used to ask him what is his next movie. He will just laugh and pass away. His principle is just to deliver a blockbuster and not below than that. So, he takes time for announcing each movie.

Sanki Yoga

I will also follow the Sanki Yoga which is being followed by Superstar. I will chart out a plan for attaining something. Will join respective experts and accomplish that. (Did you understand the meaning?) Thambi Rajini decides to give blockbuster. Prepares himself for that. Joins experts like Shankar for that. Finally achieves it. (Somebody pls brief me on Sanki yoga. I googled but unable to get info on it)

Thambi Superstar never thinks that he himself is the reason for success. He gives credit duly to others. He is a mirror to others.

Thambi Vairamuthu said that he is beyond the sky above the stars. I say he is further above the stars and now near Sun. (Sooriyan) (Crowd bursts into applauds) I don't speak politics here. He is really near Sun now, much brighter.

I know lots about thambi Rajini and his life style. I have melted down many times while reading about him and his way of living and leading life. Thambi Superstar said that I don't like God but God likes him. I wonder. Because a decade ago I said the samething in a meeting with saints. I don't think that Rajini knows it. But he has rightly said it.

One who fears God means he fears his conscience. I fear my conscience.

Thambi Rajini also shows you that he won't act in life since he acts in movie. He also reaffirms you all that – he is one among you.

I know the meaning about his request for keeping me happy and take care of me. He says that he is wishing to see me always serving you. Because that alone keeps me happy.

(Kalaignar vandha vaelai mudinjadhu….Enakky purinjidhu….Ungalukku purinjadha?)


1) Superstar confirms ROBOT and another movie before that.

2) Nobody scolded anybody in the function.

3) The function was purely a feather touch function with no hard feelings

4) I thank Solomon Paapaiya, Pattimanram Raja, Vairamuthu, KV Anand and others who gave an excellent speech.

5) Throughout the function many comedies happened which made us to burst into laughter. A video clip was shown correspondingly when the person were presented shield. For. Eg. Balleilakka song when Brinda received the shield. When Shreya was receiving the shield they showed her Tamil culure appearance in temple. But in the function she came in very very glamour attire. This made audience to burst into laughs.

6) As usual Superstar stole the Show. The man of the match is Vairamuthu.

7) Kalaignar TV didn't use any crane shot during the shooting of the event and it was a disappointment for me. They have to go miles to catch up with the Sun Tv's technical quality in covering such events.

8) Though the function had lot of sodhappals I don't want to mention them and am just mentioning positive aspects.

9) She was sitting legs crossed in the diaz and the balcony fans shouted at her to sit straight. (Kaal mela kaal poettu ukkarndhirudha) She didn't understand fans' shout and thought that they are just became berserk of her and waived her hands. Shankar saw this and he summoned some PRO and asked her to sit properly.

10) Raghuvaran came full tight (understood?)

11) SA Chandrasekhar left in half way.

12) Could not spot prominent actors other than Sivaji unit members. Nayantara was absent.

13) Seems that a section of PRESS has boycotted the function due to some difference of opinion with AVM. So in front of me there were more than dozen seats remained unoccupied throughout the function.

14) Superstar looked smart and handsome in the black (White striped) pyjama and black kurta.

15) Myself and TVE Rajesh were giving cat calls and shouts and whistles throughout the function and enjoyed like kids. Senior press people wondered that from which press these Saithan's have come!!

16) It is again reaffirmed that Superstar never takes point at detractors and gives them publicity. I expected he would give a fitting reply to those who degraded Sivaji. But he seems – don't care. Whatever you wish – you write. God is with me.

17) I came home last night by 11.30 pm late night. So, couldn't post this immediately. Again from morning I am typing this for more than 5 hours.

18) Since I was taking notes while the function was going on – I couldn't recollect all of the events and happening in the function. I may have missed something or many thing. Please excuse me for that. Will intimate you before I come to know when Kalaignar Tv is going to telecast the event.

19) Superstar didn't fail to waive his hands and put vanakkam to all audiences once the programme was over.

20) I got autograph from Shankar and also congratulated him for ROBOT. Also requested him to change intro graphics in that cycle gap.

21) Sorry for any typos. Since I typed this in maximum speed.

22) Yesterday Morning, Superstar presented shields and mementos to theatres and distributors in Raghavendra mandapam, where he was spotted in blue jeans. Check that link at bottom.

- Sundar

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