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December 2005
Newsletter - December  2005

Thalaivar's Thought

நான் யோசிக்காம பேச மாட்டேன்; பேசின பிறகு யோசிக்க மாட்டேன்!

I never speak without thinking; I never think after speaking.

Rajni - Can bring the Change?

Rajinkanth is not only an actor; he is the one who can change the society. I want to show he can able to change the society. I want to show to those people scolding our SS, that the fans of Rajini are not just seeing picture & forgetting it. We are following good things from our SS. So we will have to promise ourselves; that's my aim & target. I want to see news in paper or in T.V that the Rajini fan helped a lady. Actually we r doing that but people should know about our SS soldiers. They should know the power of our SS. People should talk like this "just seeing SS film these guys are doing like this, if this SS tell anything means then entire Tamilnadu will change".   Rajini Rasigan

Some suggestions I have it in my mind which is of our Thalaivar only. My friends I saw lot of bad things happening in our society. As a Thalaivar's fan I am trying to avoid in my front. First thing is our sisters were facing lot of problems day today life. Every one is aware of the same for example, they were facing problems in their company itself, and they were getting more disturbances from unknown stupid fellows. If they have brother they can take necessary action, imagine about the girls those who doesn't have brothers. According to SS we all should see out colleagues as our sister. If u find out such thing never neglect it. If u did for one sister your sister would be saved by another SS Fan. Please do give a thought to that.  I am seeing all of u as my brothers only.   Rajini Rasigan

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Rajnikanth - Idol of 2005

Shivaji  - Shotting in Chennai

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Flash Back

Three Faces of 1982

"Rajnikanth retains his Super Stardom by doing excellent action role in "Moonru Mugam",   character role in "Engeyo Ketta Kural" & romantic role in "Puthukavithai" -  Cinema Express Award Article, 1983


Birthday Special

Super Star's 56th Birthday was celebrated by Bangalore Team members with HIV affected Children in Dina Nilaya Orphanage on 18th December 2005. Birthday cake was cut by the orphanage children and chocolates were distributed among them. Lunch was provided to all the orphanage children and staff of Dina Nilaya. Our Bangalore Special Correspondent Raja & Deepa Venugopal, Elavarasan & Suresh from Baba Welfare Associate made the arrangments for the celebration. Members includding Manjukumar, Murugan, Guna Sekaran, Mohan, Sundara Moorthy, Deepak, Praveen, Jayanthi, Gopinath, Kannan, Vijaya Raja, Sadheesh, Sham, Ashok gathered there to join with us. Our Moderator Ramki from Chennai had come there to attend the function. www.rajinifans.com expresses his sincere thanks to all the participants and the sponsors including Arunkumar, Deepa, Praveen & Baskar.

Super Star has acted for 2 movies at a time in a same location in Thirunelveli nearby by Courtallam. The movies were AVM's Murattukkaalai and P.A Art's Kazhugu. Another specialty about this is the team (i.e., director, Music director, heroine & Screen play writer) were also the same. But the producers were different. It is not a easy thing to do, being a mass action hero that time. But our SS did it and he can only do it. -- Neeraj Neelakantan



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