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November 2005
Newsletter - November  2005


Thalaivar's Thought

www.rajinifans.com வெளிநாட்டுல சென்டிமெண்ட், அட்டாச்மெண்ட் இந்த சொந்த பந்தமெல்லாம் அங்கே கிடையவே கிடையாது. அதனால அவங்க கஷ்டப்படறாங்க. இந்த சென்டிமெண்ட், அட்டாச்மெண்ட் இங்கே ரொம் ஜாஸ்தி. அதனாலே இவங்க கஷ்டப்படறாங்க.

Rajni - Well appreciated?

Rajinikanth is the super star of south Indian cinema. Still, at many times, people from the film industry ignore him. I am referring to Superstar not being invited as the chief guest for International Film Festival scheduled to be held at Goa. When he is legend of South Indian Cinema (Of course Indian Cinema), why he is not getting such honor from the film industry? Even, No institutions honored him with Doctorate.

Indian government also turned a blind eye to all his good performances. They didn't award him for excellent performances in the movies like Sri Ragavendra, Thalapathi, Bhuvana oru Kelvi kuri, Aaril irundhu arupathu varai, etc. The only feather in his cap is "PADMA BHUSAN" conferred on him by the Indian government. I would also blame Rajinikanth for not socializing more like other stars. He stays aloof from all of this.

 - Karthikeyan Parmeswaran

Heroism in Tami Cinema

Movies, can often influence the normal cine-goers. Especially those who are in the rural areas. Will the general public watch good movies with wonderful heroism loaded into it? Why not? CM is a classic example to that!- Prince

Most tamil films are more hero dominated films .it is not the same with malayalam where story is given more importance. do u think our people have the mindset to accept such a movie if conceived ? I doubt so - Raj

I would like cinegoers and our own Thalaivar fans to see the movie and forget that. dont always go deep into the movie and discuss about something which is not at all important for us and the country - Ramgopal Govind

Punch Dialogue Results

www.rajinifans.com conducted a Punch Dialogue competition for the movie "shivaji". We are pleased to announce the prize winners of Punch Dialogue competition. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the competition. Though we were impressed with all the dialogues, as per the rule we picked the top 2.

Winner: Prashanth Subramanian - என்னடா இவன் ஆட்டம் முடிஞ்சுடுச்சுன்னு பார்க்குறியா? நான் ஒண்ணும் ரயில் இல்லை, தடம் புரள. நான் எப்பவும் புயல். அன்பானவங்களுக்கு தென்றல் மாதிரி, அயோக்கியனுங்களுக்கு சூறாவளி மாதிரி.

Runner up: G. Nandakumar - நான் அமைதியா இருக்கேன். அதுக்காக அமைதியாவே இருப்பேன்னு நினைச்சுடாதீங்க

Congratulations guys!


Flash Back

Manithan Record
Super Star's "Manithan" had set a new record in box office by breaking the earlier records created by AVM's Munthanai Muditchu & Sakalavallavan. Manithan is the only film who got a quick collection in the last one decade - Box Office Report, 1987

Birthday Special

Blood Donation Camp at Chennai
In view of celebrating Super Star's Birthday, it has been decided to conduct a Blood Camp on 11th December 2005. Interested members can join with us. Mail admin@rajinifans.com Cell 98404 99887 & 94444 53694. Mr. C.KSathya Narayanan - President, All India Super Star Rajnikant fans association will be presiding the Camp @ 11:30 AM. We will be providing lunch and  t-shirt, for free, to all participants.

Venue : Cantonment Hospital, St. Thomas Mount DATE: 11.12.2005 (Sunday) Time : 10.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M

Birthday Celebrations at Bangalore
It has been decided to celebrate Super Star's Birthday by providing free lunch to Orphanage for Blind Children, JP Nagar on 18th December 2005 and also to spend 3 hours with those children. Those are interested to participate and willing to contribute can contact our Bangalore Special Correspondent Mr. Raja @ 9886796356.


Welfare Activities

www.rajinifans.com helped Mr Satheesh, a student from poor family, studying M.Sc, AVC College, Mayiladuthurai by paying Educational Fees. The entire amount was contributed by our group member Mr. Elango Kesavan (elango@yahoo.com). Out best wishes to Mr. Satheesh and our thanks to  Mr. Elango Kesavan

We welcome all requests related only with Education. For more details, please write us to admin@rajinifans.com

Tit bits

Roopa Swaminathan, author of the National Award-winning book, Star Dust, Vignettes from the fringes of the Film Industry says her goal, in terms of biography, is to write one on Rajnikant. Rediff

Tamil entertainment channels Vijay TV, Raj TV and Raj Digital Plus have lined up a slew of activities to celebrate South Indian superstar Rajnikant's birthday on 12 December. Apart from blockbuster screenings, various visibility campaigns have also been planned.

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