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Octoberr 2005

Thalivar's Thought:

Politics is not like playing Football, it's like playing Kabadi -  Super Star Rajinikanth  


Blood Donation Camp:-


In view of celebrating Super Star's Birthday, it was decided to arrange a massive Blood Donation Camp on every year. This time, Super Star's Birthday falls on Monday. Hence it's been decided that the Blood Camp would be arranged on 11th December 2005, Sunday.


The registration for attending the camp will start from 15th November 2005.  This is just to inform you well before so to enable you to get ready to attend the Blood Donation Camp.

Poll of the Month:-


With regard to Superstar speech in Chandramukhi function, what was your expectation from Rajini.


Pls cast your vote at



 Newsletter created by:

Ramki, Deepa, Ravindran, Sudharshan, Baskar  




Hot Discussions of this Month:-



"Sundar" simple_sundar@yahoo.com

Ulaga tholaikaatchi Varalatril mudhan muraiyaga, a single theme programme which is around a single hero, that is our superstar fetched the highest and largest sponsorship. The Making of CM and CM 200 days function, seems to have broken all the sponsor records of the SUNTV, so far. Nearly two dozen and more sponsors are presenting the function tomorrow at SUNTV.



"babavisu" babavisu@yahoo.co.in

Don't mind whether the nadigar sangam comes for the function or not.

"Thalaivar is Nadigar Sangam, and Nadigar Sangam is Thalaivar ". 


"Raaj" raajwizz@yahoo.com

Difference between Silver Jubilee Function and the function to be held in Delhi: Silver Jubilee people go to see only Rajini, Delhi Function people go to see the cultural fest that is organized part of the function.



"princeraj32" Prince1968@gmail.com

What I saw on the stage was a matured Thalaivar, giving an extremely classic speech. Especially the "kutti kathaigal" is simply superb. I am sure, he will make a wonderful grandpa to Aishwarya's child. He did thanked fans. C'mon guys, he thanked everyone and including fans. We all know that for a film to become a hit, it requires team work. Fans are just a part of it. If fans  alone can make a movie a hit, then we should be seeing more hits in the industry.

Thalaivar also proved that he's a secular minded person. Kudos to him for that! I only feel that he wanted to talk more ... especially towards the end ... but he kind of rushed seeing that time is running short and he closed his speech in a hurry!  


"Sundar" simple_sundar@yahoo.com

CM Silver Jubilee function turned as Bothi Tree for me like, where Buddha got wisdom…

" Intha ulagathila edhuvumae free kidayathu kanna... ellathukkum oru vilai Irukkum. adhai koduthuthaan aaganum"

All spoke well, Especially P.Vasu. Since, all took more time to speak; Thalaivar had only less time to speak. He could have managed to take more time.

Experts from Thalaivar's Speech:

1. Full Confidence with GOD, as he already mentioned that he would speak in Silver Jubliee Function.

2. Babaji and Sachidhananda Swami gave him the horse strength after a failure. Fans, Director and Team made him to run.

3. Life should be mixed with joy and sorrow. But u should not go and search sorrow. But u have accept it and face it boldly.

4. If everything goes smoothly…then what is the taste of life? Nothing.

5. Patience is more important.

6. No obsession with Aishwarya Rai those stories and characters suit her very well. He has been trying since Padayappa for her. Even in Sivaji.

One thing I liked in the funtion is presenting of Chatrapathi Shivaji Memento to Superstar, which is brought and made from Kolapur, native place of the Maharaja.  


 "Srinivasan" srinivi27@yahoo.com

Its always easy to preach others, if you for a second imagine the plight of thousands of fans came over a long way to hear him and he didn't respond, that frustration, emotions shall only be known to those people who have actually went thro it.  I pray to god that you should never be in such a situation in your life.  


We all knew Rajini as an actor/superstar; His Aanmeagam /spiritual thoughts r his own wishes & desire. CM's function is not a stage for spiritual speech! I strongly believe he should've mentioned about fans those who stood with him during the bad phase of his life Baba, Cauvery issue, PMK etc.  


"Narayanan" mnnarayanan@gmail.com

Thalaivar said this in his speech : "Ennai vazha vaikkum theivangalana rasikarle"

" Naan Yanai alla kuthirai. Intha kuthhirai oda vachathu neenga (fans) and CM making team (direactor, music director etc). Odurathukku Elunthu Nikkanum Illaya. Elunthu Nikka Sakthi koduthathu Baba ".


"velvetborzoi" velvetborzoi@yahoo.com

He had quoted from gita, "Duty first, don't worry about results" , yet fans want to be praised. He succeeded and it was his speech, up to him whether want to talk about god, elephant, horse or dog. So the only person he should thank is himself for his wisdom and patience during times of difficulty. CM would have still run well if he did not have even one fan as the public loves it.






















































* Chandramukhi -  Silver Jubilee

* Chandramukhi - In Tokyo

For more information visit us at


Prayer Of The Month:-

* Prayer for  those thousands of people who have been killed in recent Earthquake happened on 8th October 2005 with the epicenter  in the Pakistan and some of the disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir.

* Prayer for two patients (Mr. Carlton Ram aged 80 and Mjord Micheal aged  42) was held  on 6th October 2005.


Activities Of The Month:- 

The following members have contributed for her Tuition fees of  Ms.M.Mayasivaneswari , P.B.College of Engineering, Irunkattukottai, Sri Perumpudur

1. Mr. Muthu - rosaram211@yahoo.com,

2. Mr. Prakash Palani -  prakash_palani@yahoo.com .


The following members have contributed the Educational fees for the students of Girls Higher Secondary School, Saligramam.

 1. Mr. Amudhan, Chennai -    ammu_04@yahoo.com

 2.Mr. Chandrasekar, Singapore -  thru Shajahan

 3. Mr. Vivek, Chennai -   sabhavivekanandhan@yahoo.com

 4. Mr. Srinivasan, Chennai -  srinivi27@yahoo.com

Suggestions :

  1. Blood Donation :

"baskar s" itzbaski@gmail.com


We, the fans of Thaliavar are always ready and one more small suggestion from my side is.....like we can plan our blood donation camp at all places like Chennai, Bangalore, Trichy, Salem, Dharmapuri etc.,etc., like where all our group members are there, and so that, we all can donate at our respective places and if possible we can have the respective registration and other such stuff in all or main places like Chennai, Bangalore   etc. What do u say guys??



 "Rahalai Raja" rahalai_raja@yahoo.com


We all know that on every birthday of our thalaivar we do organize camps for donating blood, for creating awareness about the society & citizenship .. but at the same time have we ever thought about educating our people on IT ???!!!! (because educating one is equal to serving food for 100). If no is the answer then we should take up the challenge of educating IT to our people. In one way, we would contribute to the nation's welfare. We should identify our people (especially SS fans) who are interested to know about what is and how is.... on IT and let us try to carry forward.


"N.R.Jagan Mohan" n_r_jaganmohan@yahoo.com

Education People, especially on IT Is the fantastic idea. Practically we would face some difficulties also, this could be achievable only. And we have look beyond the boundary of SS fans also. It should reach all the people. So initially education SS fans and through them it is possible to achieve the final target. While looking for all the people we can consider the illiterate people also, for basic education (Reading & Writing).



"S Krishnakumar" krishna_93@yahoo.com

If not for money, thalaivar should start appearing in ADs for social service or promoting Indian Industries. For example GOLI SODA. Recently I read the success story of a GOLI SODA company. (even I do not remember the brand name !!!). If Thalaivar gives an AD for this, COKE


4 . Chandramukhi in Tokyo – Live Experience:

" karthikvenkatesan" karthikvenkatesan@yahoo.com

On Oct 29th 2005, We all geared up for the midnight show which starts at 12:50 AM in ROOPPONGI hills in Tokyo. There were only 8 Indians and 242 Japanese. Last week on 23rd Oct, First Screening was made where 4 were Indians and the rest were Japanese fans. This is the best moment of my life.

Every stunt scene gets applause and they liked the stunt scenes very much. Movie was translated in Japanese words down the screen and they enjoyed by reading the translation.

Film was over and cast and Technicians names were started scrolling. Capacity crowd hasn't moved a single step and they sat till the end of the last name. Once the film is over there was a standing ovation and a thunderous applauses for 2 minutes still heard in my ears. I haven't seen in any part of world. I had watched the Thalaivar movies in all parts of the world and this is special indeed. After getting the thunderous applause, we are over whelmed and it never came out of the mind. One of the moments which I cherish in my life Photos for the same were available in our website.


5 . WISH :

"neemiaj"  neemiaj@gmail.com

Saadhanai eppo varum... sodhanai sandhicchaa dahhann varum. Tamilnaatukku saadhanai eppo thalaivaa?? Varum...? Naanga sodhanai sandhikka ready!!!!!!!!


 "karthik Gavaskar"  karthikmachi@yahoo.com

One simple healing touch is enough. We will win this world.

" yethanai naal dhan kanneer sinduvadhu iniyavadhu kanneer thuligal vetri thuligalaga marattum"



"Devnath Johnny" devzion@gmail.com

We still wanna see our thalaivar as winner, a lot of fans has gone soft and feel thalivar will lose out on politics. But thats not true.


"Sundar" simple_sundar@yahoo.com

I wish to state my stand on that. He must come and He will come. Some of u are stating the age of him now. You friends should remember that MGR became CM of TamilNadu at the age of 62. Superstar is now, 56 only.

And we don't have majority now. I agree. But, in Indian democracy and that too in TamilNadu, it is a common scene that a party which has no majority sweeps in next election and wins by a giant majority. And the party who is in majority was pushed to single digit constituencies. You know why this happens? The change of mindset among people never relies on a particular thing and it always changes.



"Shajahan" shadotcom@yahoo.com

When children want to see Rajini movie, they will keep disturbing their mother to bring to the film.  The mother usually bring them with their ladies friends or they go in whole family. If the ladies liked the movies means, they are one of the good marketers! Since ladies loves to talk more, they will help us to spread good words of the movies.


"Dharmarajan R" dharma67@gmail.com

It is rare for a parent of a non Rajini fan to go to theatre to watch a Rajini movie more than once just because his/her children want to watch it again. It can happen only if either the father/mother being a Rajini fan and as I mentioned earlier most families watch a Rajini movie once in theatre except for a few who would go based on reviews and convenience (Watching on VCD). Generally people watch a Rajini movie even not being his fan so by that count all movies should become super hit. It is the fans who make the difference between a hit and super hit


"Chandrasekar T R" chandrashaekar@yahoo.com

If all the family people watch the movie at least once, the movie will become a blockbuster. I would say if a movie attracts normal public and make them watch the movie in the theatre at least once, the movie will become a blockbuster. In my opinion, CM has attracted all kinds of people and made at least 1/3 of Tamilnadu to watch the movie at least once. Fans can claim the credit for making a movie a hit, but not a blockbuster.


"Vasu" gvdev2000@yahoo.com

Super hit = Fans + Ladies & Kids.

Fans can give a good opening and stability. But to become a super hit, it requires Ladies & kids support.


"Princeraj32" Prince1968@gmail.com

To be frank with you ... it's the uniqueness of the subject and the way it's been treated and the screenplay that gives the real edge to a movie. Catchy songs, nice screenplay and a decent storyline ... gives the extra chances for the movie to be a hit.



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