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Tsunami Fund Action Plan

On 6 January 2006, Nataraj, Senthil and Sathi Sir visited a government higher secondary school in Mahabalipuram. 25 students from class 8,9,10,11 were selected who all have scored more than 70% in last academic examintation.

Sathi asked the students to gather in the ground and he explained them about our group and our vision in helping the students for their education. We had a discussion with the school headmaster and the staff members. They felt very happy about our responsibilities in taking full care of ONE year needs for the above students. We spent almost 45 minutes there. A teacher for 12th standard approached for a timely help. She told her students are badly looking for Question Bank (with answers) for Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. She explained this help would definitely improve their scoring level. After a instant discussion with Sathi and keeping the students future in mind, we said OK to the proposal. We should supply 12 copies of Question Bank for the above subjects for the said students. Sathi requested the headmaster to get back the Question bank books and keep it in library so that the next batch students will not face any problem in their forthcoming public exam.

Next, we visited Sri Krishna Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kadapakkam, Chennai (50 kms from Mahabalipuram toward pondy).  40 students from class 8,9,10,11 were selected who all scored more than 70% in last three academic years were selected.

We can say this school was a well maintained Government school having such a huge place the headmistress is maintaining a disciplined school atmosphere. Hats off to her. She praised our Group activities and she explained the school students inability in buying stationaries, uniforms due to Tsunami disaster. We met all the students and we shared our ideas in motivating the students.

Highlights of Sathi sir's Speech in both the schools.

* Rajini sir is not giving any money for these welfare activities.

* Its a group of Rajini fans with well educated team and they are doing this help to bring you (students) out from the Tsunami fever.

* Tell your parents not to worry about next ONE year for all your
educational needs.

* We will give you A to Z of your needs (The list has been collected
from the respective Head masters)

* All you have to do is come to school with neatly dressed and
concentrate only on studies.

* All I want from you is, a commitment of scoring 5 to 10 marks then what you are getting now.

* Spread this news from your friends and tell them to study well so
that some one will sponser like this in future.

* Tell your parents that this Rajini fans group has done this help.

* Include Rajini fans group friends in your prayers to give them good
health and wealth so that they will do this type welfare activities to
all the needy people.

* Be Sincere and get good name for your parents and yes of course to the schools you are studying now.

Stationaries that Rajinifans.com will sponsor for the 65 selected students from both the schools:

1. 2 sets of School Uniforms.
2. 15 Long Size note books.
3. Geometry box (brand : camlin)
4. 1 Ink Pen (brand : camlin)
5. 1 Ball point Pen (brand : camlin)
6. 1 Set of chappel / Shoe
7. A very good School bag.
8. Ink Bottle
9. Pen Box
10. 2 pencils.

Approximate Estimation : 1500 /- per student.

A boy from the students group addresses his fellow students like
"Friends, i am happy to see our Sir and other friends here, We should thank them like anything. Because, in this world everyone is running out of time. But this anna's are doing their level best to care ourselves too with their busy schedule and we should take them as a good example. We should thank them by scoring more marks in all our upcoming exams. We should grow like them. We should learn money like them. We should help the Poors students like them. In behalf of you I assure our anna's that We will be part of your team once our studies gets over. Thank you...."

Friends, beleive us or not, tears rolled out from my eyes... what an
emotional speech from that small boy... this is what we aimed for. I am sure this help will create a great impact in their future.


P.S :
1. All these arrangements was done under the guidance of Sathi Sir. We should thank him for coming with us and spending the whole day to complete this pending work for a long time.

2. The prayers of Students will be always with the donors who
contributed generously.

3. All the bills will be available for auditing purpose.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed and the one who
participated directly / indirectly in this noble cause.

Narrated by : Nataraj

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