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Evaluation of spending Tsunami Funds

As per the survey conducted by our Rajinifans task team, there is not much help we can provide to the Tsunami affected area or the people.


 There are major issues which needs to be taken care of such as the building new home for homeless people, infrastructures, providing bussiness utilities, etc. All this needs huge sum of money and it should be handled by the Government.


Rajinifans have collected about Rs100,000 and this amount can be used only for simple things such as providing daily needs and retrofitting of minor damages. All this items have been already taken care by our public and the Government in the initial stage.


This one lakh is really a hard earned money and we cannot spend just like
that and take a snap. It should really reach the needy people.

We discussed about our Tsunami survey visit to Sathi sir and he gave his reply as smile and told us "that's what i told you earlier". Lot of meanings. We are very keen in spending the money in very useful manner. Sathi sir said a big "NO" in handing over the money to government as Thalaivar already gave 21 lakhs.

Sathi sir requested our Rajinifans.com to concentrate on Education side and to disburse the Tsunami funds to Tsunami affected area government schools such as computers, uniforms, books, school facilities, etc.


This suggestion was forwarded to the members of Rajinifans for their comments.

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