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Survey of Tsunami affected areas

On 26th January 2005, a month after Tsunami tragedy - Rajinifans.com team visited the areas in and around ECR road till kalpakkam.

The team includes Nataraj, Tv.Rajesh, Sathyanarayanan (TCS), Tamizhvanan(TCS), Chandrasekar and SampathKumar.

These were the ground realities in Tsunami affected areas.

1. Govt has put its maximum effort to restore the normal life.

2. No fishermen is ready to start their work.

3. They are getting the help from various sources more than what they expected.

4. People are becoming lazy.

5. They sparing their time in playing cards, etc.,

6. No one, even interested in walk in shore side, Our team found the marks of body recovered from the sand..

7. Students started going to schools without any uniforms and by talking to them we came to know that uniform was not a issue at this situation.

8. The kids were very frank. They listed all the contributed materials, they have in their home . Thank god, the parents didn't teach them how to lie.

9. In the Muttukadu Relief camp, people really need one big steel / wood box to keep all their things.

10. Zee TV channel is in 24x7 duty covering all the happenings in ECR road.

11. While talking to a policeman in Muttukadu,  we came to know that 1 bag (75 kg) rice is being sold from the relief camp for Rs.300/-

12. Good to see some young couples (lovers??) sparing their  holidays with the kids like playing cricket, running, etc.,

Good to know that our people are coming to their normal life.

Rajinifans.com team spent almost 7 hours in this area. In Just 30 days the life has of the victims has restored. But we are sure that they won't start their work for the next few months as they have got what they really wanted in their home.

Narrated by Mr Nataraj

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