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Lal Salaam : Superstar Rajinikanth Gets Massive Love for Religious Harmony Message
(Tuesday, 20th February 2024)

Rajinikanth shares pic with daughter Aishwarya, prays for 'Lal Salaam' success

Rajinikanth's new film, Lal Salaam, has finally hit the screens. The film marks his daughter, Aishwarya Rajinikanth's directorial return. To mark the special day, the megastar has shared a heartwarming note on X (formerly known as Twitter). The Tamil cinema icon has also dropped a picture featuring himself and Aishwarya. In the frame, Rajinikanth is sitting in a wheelchair with Aishwarya standing behind him. In his note, which was written in Tamil, the actor said, "My anbu salaam to my beloved ‘mother' Aishwarya. I pray to the almighty that your movie Lal Salaam will be a huge success." Rajinikanth also tagged Aishwarya in the post and included the hashtag "Lal Salaam." 


Thalaivar Fans Celebrate Lal Salaam In Theatres

'Lal Salaam' featuring Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth released today, February 9. It also stars veteran actor Rajinikanth in a cameo. The 'Lal Salaam' fever seems to have gripped the fans. Thalaivar's ardent fans celebrated the film's release in style at Chennai's Rohini Silverscreens.

Several videos of fans celebrating 'Lal Salaam's release have now surfaced. The film is directed by Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth. In clips that have surfaced, fans are seen worshipping a huge cut-out poster of superstar Rajinikanth. They can also be seen distributing food packets outside the theatre.

A huge poster of Rajinikanth, embellished with flowers, was placed outside the Rohini theatre. Dedicated fans are seen offering prayers to Thalaivar ahead of the film's release.




Lal Salaam Twitter Review: Superstar Rajinikanth Gets Massive Love; Fans Hail Movie For Its Message On Religious Harmony

Fans have given their verdict on Aishwarya Rajinikanth's filmmaking comeback. Users on X have flooded the platform with messages of love for Superstar Rajinikanth for his special appearance in Lal Salam.

Superstar Rajinikanth's return to the cinemas is always worth a celebration, even if it is for a special appearance. His daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth's filmmaking comeback with 'Lal Salaam' released on February 9 and ardent fans have already started giving their verdict of the film on social media. Without any surprise, not only did they celebrate the release of the film outside theatres, but they also gave massive love to the superstar's extended cameo in this Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth starrer. 

The film delves into the theme of religious harmony as obvious by its trailer released on February 5, addressing a sensitive subject matter to convey a poignant message through its captivating storyline. The film is supported by a talented ensemble cast including Vignesh, Livingston, Senthil, Jeevitha, KS Ravikumar, and Thambi Ramaiah. In a surprise for fans, cricketing legend Kapil Dev is set to make a cameo appearance, infusing the fictional sports drama with a touch of real-world sportsmanship. Vishnu Rangasamy, credited with crafting the story and co-writing the screenplay with Aishwarya, also showcases his prowess in cinematography, ensuring a visually stunning experience for viewers. 

Twitter (now X) users have shared their views on the film and they only have love for their superstar. A user took to X and wrote, "Unexpected THALAIVAR Entry" appreciating Rajinikanth's extended cameo.

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