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Thalaivar 171 is titled Coolie : title teaser stuns fans
(Wednesday, 8th May 2024)

Coolie is the title of Superstar Rajinikanth’s much-anticipated film with director Lokesh Kanagaraj. The title of the film, previously called Thalaivar 171, was unveiled by the makers today with a special teaser video.

The video features the Superstar entering an illegal bunker in a seaport and beating gold smugglers to a pulp, only to lie down on a bed of gold bars and cash and threaten the gang’s boss over a phone call. To much surprise for the fans and enjoy the teaser here:


​'Coolie': Hidden details you might have missed in Rajinikanth and Lokesh Kanagaraj's film title teaser

Rajinikanth's film with Lokesh Kanagaraj has been titled 'Coolie' and the makers unveiled the title teaser. A mass-loaded teaser featuring Rajinikanth has been storming the internet since its arrival, while fans have been decoding several secrets from the teaser. Fans have been going crazy over the 'Coolie' title teaser as they enjoy watching Rajinikanth in a never-before shade under Lokesh Kanagaraj's direction. The title teaser has increased the expectations for the film, and Rajinikanth promises to deliver a fiery avatar. Here is a look at things you might have missed in Rajinikanth and Lokesh Kanagaraj's film title teaser.

'Thee' connection

The teaser begins with a long shot of Rajinikanth making his entry into a harbor in a superbike. He plays a gold smuggler in 'Coolie', and it seems like his character has a connection with the actor's 1976 Tamil release 'Thee'. In 'Thee', Rajinikanth smuggles gold and escapes from the harbor in a superbike. So, it might be his return to the harbor.

A motivational line from 'Jagame Thandhiram'

The 'Coolie' title teaser has a motivational line from Rajinikanth about human life. Netizens quoted it as a dialogue from Rajinikanth's 1982 film 'Ranga'. But it's a line from the song 'Jagame Thandhiram' in Rajinikanth's 1979 film 'Ninnaithale Innikum'. By having references from vintage movies, Lokesh Kanagaraj has assured fans to bring the vintage Superstar Rajinikanth through his film.

'Petta' style entry

Rajinikanth makes his entry with a wink, and it's the same kind of entry for the actor in his 2019 release 'Petta'. Lokesh Kanagaraj following the making of Karthik Subbaraj seems like it's going to be a battle between 'Petta' and 'Coolie' directors to prove their fanaticism of Rajinikanth. 'Petta' was a special film for fans as it was loaded with fans' favorite scenes, and Lokesh Kanagaraj is expected to deliver a better one than the 2019 release.


DISCO + Thangamagan

Anirudh Ravichander has recreated the DISCO song music from 'Thangamagan' for the 'Coolie' title teaser. But it looks like it's not just a normal recreation and the team has sent some secret message to fans. 'Thangamagan' is also about gold smuggling, and we can expect 'Coolie' to have more references from Rajinikanth's 1983 Tamil release.

A red-themed title card

'Coolie' title teaser has Rajinikanth's vintage title card, but Lokesh Kanagaraj has used a red color font for Superstar. It seems like a secret message from Lokesh Kanagaraj about Rajinikanth's character in 'Coolie' and we might see a raw action film with bloodied scenes from the fresh combo.

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