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Endhiran in IMDM top 50 best movies

Endhiran movie has given life to Tamil cinema

100 Days shield for Ambathoor Raaki and Villivaakam AGS Theaters

Endhiran 100 days celebration in Singapore

Endhiran Completes 100th days

From jinxed flicked to India's new milestone for sucess

Rajini's Enthiran and Muthu in Post Graduate Programme

Endhiran The Robot Nationwide success says Star Dust

Enthiran sets off a new trend & 50 days official collections!

Exhibitors are very happy about Endhiran success

Padayappa (1999) Vs Endhiran (2010)

Endhiran in Tamil is rocking in Kerala

Robo excellent performance even at Andra C centers

Astonishing boxoffice reports from Andra

Endhiran 50th Day

Endhiran rocking even after Deepavali - Part 2

Endhiran rocking even after Deepavali - Part 1

Rajini becomes pan-Indian phenomenon with highest grossing film of the year! Declares Filmfare!!

Enthiran’s matchless magic in Mayajaal Part 2

Enthiran’s matchless magic in Mayajaal Part 1

Robot sets a new trend in Pune!

After Avataar Enthiran is most liked by our Children

Endhiran kids' most favourit movie

Enthiran is a super blockbuster in Kerala with amazing collections!

Japanese fans flew to Singapore to watch Endhiran

Rajini’s overseas market doubles after Enthiran – Economic Times

NDTV Profit tv declares that Robot beats all time record movies 3 Idiots & Dabaang !!

Endhiran Super Hit at Sri Lanka

Endhiran Hit from America to Aandipatti Says Albert Mariyappan

Ayngaran International officially confirms an astounding collection of Rs.61 crores in overseas so far!!

Enthiran Tamil version captures No.1 in Malaysian Box-office!

Enthiran collects Rs.100 crores as distributors share alone!!

Endhiran 225 Crores Collection

Endhiran is the biggest hit in the history of Indian cinema – Indian Express

Endhiran literally sets box-office on fire; collects more than 100 crore within a week!

BBC’s article on Superstar and Robot’s super success!

Robot (Telugu) version turns a massive blockbuster!

Robot paves way for more southern cinema

Unmatchable and Unimaginable performance of Enthiran at US & UK Box office - Guest Article

Robot sets new record! Here comes the Badshah of the Box-office!!

Robot & Dabaang - this years’ top grossers - Says ET

Rajini Vs Ranbir A clear picture!

Endhiran surpasses all records of box-office collections

Robot the clear winner!

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