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Superstar Rajinikanth donated 5 lakhs to Hudh-Hudh cyclone relief fund
(Saturday, 20th December 2014)
As promised Superstar Rajinikanth donated 5 lakhs to Hudh-Hudh cyclone relief fund.

Rajini is one actor who practices and then preaches. His philanthropy knows no bounds. He always voices for issue...
s and monetarily supports people in need.

The hudh-hudh cyclone took the town of Vishakapatnam devastated it. Infrastructure and common public were affected by a huge margin. Tollywood celebrities came to the rescue by sending funds and now Superstar has also joined the list.

Rajinikanth gives 5 lakh rupees to the hudh-hudh cyclone relief fund. A great help, when in need Thalaivare!

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