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Most Popular Superstar Rajinikanth Punch Dialogues

Have you ever been into the theaters when Rajinikanth’s face shows up on the big screen in his movie? The Superstar Introduction. You could have noticed the flock of ferocious fans extols and worship the star with a damn high energy.

Not a Superhero, Not a Fantasy Champion, Yet, he rules the Realm of Tamil Cinema as a “Superstar”. As rightly penned in one of his movie songs, When you ask “Who is a Superstar?” to a child in Tamil Nadu. It never fails to utter Rajinikanth’s Name. The man truly called “The Man of the Masses”
So how did he manage to reach such great heights in the industry? How does he win everyone heart?

As an actor, Despite his acting qualities, Rajinikanth is well known for his unique trademarks. The Style and the dialogues. People call Rajini “The Style Samrat” and everyone uses his dialogues at some point in life.

Rajini has the magic of delivering a simple dialogue in a most stylish tone and mannerism. For an instance, Rajinikanth dialogue in Sivaji as “Paninga thaan Kootama Varum, Singam Single ah Varum” was told by Actor Arjun in his movie “Giri”. But everyone began to use this dialogue only after Rajini’s impressive delivery in the Sivaji movie.

This magic has been working across decades and people began to acclaim Rajini dialogues as “Rajini Punch Dialogues”.

Here is the list of most popular and best punch dialogues of Rajinikanth. I would like to critically analyze and relate how these punch dialogues connect in everyone Life.

Best Rajini Punch Dialogues From His Tamil Movies

Rajini Punch Dialogue in Annamalai

This is one of the powerful dialogues of Rajini to those who disturb him in the movie Annamalai.
Everyone wish to threaten our opponents. This Punch dialogue of Rajini has the capacity to pressurize your opponents.
One the other way while saying it in Rajini’s tone, you could feel a daring confidence to do what you mean to do and what you supposed to do in an unfavorable situation.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Annamalai - Soldrathayum Seiven
This punch dialogue explains the truth and purity, a woman owes to his husband’s family. It also endows a brother’s love with Man-attitude towards his sister.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Annamalai - Annan
The simple and plain statement about the rise and fall of an individual. A Good living man shouldn’t be trapped in a situation that makes him to lose his lifestyle.

Rajini Punch Dialogue in Annamalai - Ketuponavan Vaazhalam

Rajini Punch Dialogue in Arunachalam

Well, every spiritual person loves to use and reuse this punch dialogue in their life. Those who submit themselves to God always wish to act as per the God’s Plan for their life.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Arunachalam - Aandavan Solran

Baashha Rajini Punch Dialogues

This is an Epic in Tamil Cinema. Everyone from a kid to adult uses this punch dialogue of Manik Baashha to express their resolute decision made on something.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Baashha - Nan Oru Thadava
This dialogue of Rajinikanth is the consoler of everyone at misfortune.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Baashha - Nallavangala Aandavan

Rajini Punch Dialogue in Baba

This mass dialogue of Rajini in Baba is a key ignitor to push yourself when you tremble.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Baba - Asarntha Adikarthu
Of course, everyone wishes to be like this. This Rajini Punch dialogue inspires everyone to think well before making any decision in Life.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Baba - Nan Yosikama Pesamaten
The single statement. A Universal Punch dialogue which applies to every situation in Life.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Baba - Kadham Kadham

Kabali Rajini Punch Dialogue

This is a highly electrifying dialogue of Rajinikanth’s Kabali. Have you ever thought to roar like this with your name? You will definitely if you achieve what you decide.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Kabali - Kabali da

Rajini Punch Dialogue in Kuselan

A Transparent statement to everyone for a better life.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Kuselan - Vaazhu

Mannan Rajini Punch Dialogue

The best dialogue that talks about women and their wise behavior to prosper in life.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Mannan - Pombala

Moondru Mugam Rajini Punch Dialogue

This is one of the powerful punch dialogue of Tamil cinema. The tone of Rajini as Alex Pandiyan never goes unremembered.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Moondru Mugam - Alex Pandiyan

Murattu Kaalai Punch Dialogue

“Seeviduven” – The trendsetter of Punch dialogues. A single word that has got its power only in Superstar’s tone.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Murattu Kaalai

Rajini Punch Dialogue in Muthu

This Modern philosophy of Muthu gives a sarcastic comfort to people mind.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Muthu - Kedaikama Irukarthu

Everyone wishes to be punctually unpredictable just like Muthu.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Muthu - Nan Epo Varuven

Rajini Punch Dialogue in Padayappa

Rajini explains the reality of a greedy man and angry woman which is accepted by everyone.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Padayappa - Adhigama Aasapadra
Everyone wish to pursue their own dream in their own life. You can very well witness this mindset in people when they love to say this dialogue “En Vazhi Thani Vazhi!”.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Padayappa - En Vazhi

Pollathavan Rajini Punch Dialogue

Rajini easily explains the Lifestyle of Rich and Poor.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Pollathavan

Rajini Punch Dialogues in Sivaji

Everyone loves to express their pride in living. Rajinikanth as Sivaji galvanize people mind towards this mindset through these dialogues.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Sivaji - Chumma Adhiruthu La
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Sivaji - Singam Single Ah

Uzhaipaali Punch Dialogues of Rajini

This wise punch dialogue of Rajini in the movie Uzhaipaali strike you to plan well and execute better. You should also be careful that your plan and execution-style be unknown to the people around you.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Uzhaipaali - Sila Pear
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Uzhaipaali - Yellarum Edirpakuratha

Rajini Dialogue in Vaali

Rajinikanth gives a best advise punch for a happily married life. In this movie, he repeats this dialogue of choosing the life partner to both the hero and heroine.
Rajini Punch Dialogue in Valli - Ne Virumburavana

Rajini Petta Dialogues

Always be ready to face unexpected twists and turns in Life.

Rajini Dialogue in Petta
Hey Hey Hey, Face your problems like this!
Rajini Petta Punch Dialogue - Sathyama Soldren

16 Vayathinilae Rajini Punch Dialogue

Rajini Punch Dialogue in 16 Vayathinilae
On a final note, “Idhu Yepudi Irukku?”.

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