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Endhiran Special

Robo Telugu Audio Release Function


Superstar Rajnikanth and world beauty Aishwarya Rai as lead pair ‘Robo/Endhiran’ is directed by Shankar and produced by Kalanidhi Maran under Sun Pictures banner. Music is composed by the proud winner of Oscar and Grammy awards, AR Rahman. We all are aware of the grand audio launching ceremony of ‘Endhiran’ at Kuala Lumpur last Sunday, i.e., 1st of August. Now to release the Telugu version ‘Robo’ music, the team arrived at Hyderabad on August 6th. The lavish music launch took place at Taj Krishna amidst Tollywood biggies. It was hosted by anchor Jhansi. While Dr Chiranjeevi was the chief guest of the function, other prominent guests were Dr Mohan Babu, Dr D Ramanaidu, Superstar Rajnikanth, director Shankar, Sun Pictures CEO Hansraj Saxena, Kajal Agarwal, Bharat, Ramesh Prasad, Sreenu Vaitla, art director Raandi, cinematographer Ratnavel, lyricists for Telugu version songs Bhuvanachandra, Suddala Ashok Teja, Vanamali, dialogue writer for Telugu version Srirama Krishna, etc.

Addressing the gathering Sun Pictures CEO Hansraj Saxena said, “Robo is the wonder of Indian Cinema. We must appreciate Kalanidhi Maran for his guts to do one such film. While doing this film we have completely forgotten about the budget and worked hard for two full years. Kalanidhi Maran made this film which no one would dare to make it. This can be the biggest film in Shankar’s entire film career. We thank Rajni sir, Aishwarya Rai, Sabu Siril and the entire unit of ‘Robo’ for being the reason of making one such wonderful film. Our special thanks to AR Rahman also for rendering marvelous music for this film. We have recently launched the Tamil audio in Malaysia. Our sincere thanks to Megastar Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and Dr D Ramanaidu, for gracing this occasion. We are planning to release the film in September in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. This being the biggest budget film in Asia, I hope everyone will watch the film make it a big success.”

Lyricist Bhuvanachandra said, “I’m honoured to write songs for all three stars Chiranjeevi, Rajnikanth and Mohan Babu who are sharing the same dais today. It’s like a celebration to write songs in Shankar’s films. Getting an opportunity to write songs for one such film is a great achievement. I wrote the song using words like ‘Inumulo hrudayam malichithe, Engilileni dongamuddu’. Shankar was amazed with the words and asked me the meaning of ‘Engilileni dongamuddu’. I told him ‘A secret kiss without wet’. This is my first experiment in Telugu so far. I’m grateful to Rajni sir for performing this song. It’s just not in Andhra Pradesh, 18 crores Telugu people across the globe will surely enjoy these songs. I’m sure everyone will be amazed to see such incredible film. I thank Shankar garu for giving me opportunity to pen two songs in this film.”

Suddala Ashok Teja said, “It’s my pleasure to see three big stars on the same dais. I’m very lucky to get the opportunity to write two songs in this film. In the past I’ve written songs in ‘Shivaji’. Writing songs for an actor like Rajnikanth or Chiranjeevi or Mohan Babu is not an easy task, because we have to think of such words keeping in mind lakhs of fans following them. To write songs in this film we need to follow the style of Tamil lyricists who have already created. I wrote the title song ‘O Maramanishi Maaloki Ra’. It is a difficult task to write a song using scientific words following the Tamil song. But with Shankar’s co-operation I was able to write it easily. My sincere thanks to him and I wish that the film be become a grand success.”

Vanamali said, “I’m not able to speak on this dais where the legends are sitting. I whole-heartedly thank Sri Ramakrishna garu for promoting me to write the songs in this film. I’m a great fan of Rajnikanth garu right from my childhood. I used to watch almost all his films in Tamil and wished that I should meet him atleast once in my lifetime. I’ve finally met him when I was working as a journalist. Today I’m lucky to get the opportunity to write songs for my favourite hero. I wrote two songs in this film which were written by Vairamuthu in Tamil. I cannot say I’m at par with him in writing the lyrics but I did my best from my side. AR Rahman garu gave excellent tunes for these songs. Shankar garu okayed the songs within 10 minutes. I’m sure this movie is going to create wonders.”

After Vanamali’s speech Dr D Ramanaidu launched the screening of ‘Nee Kannullo’ song followed by the speeches by editor Anthony, cinematographer Ratnavel, actor Bharat, Ramesh Prasad, Kajal Agarwal and Dr D Ramanaidu.
Dialogue Writer Sri Ramakrishna said, “The song writers have spoken almost everything, so I do not understand what to talk. ‘Robo’ is a giant film with all big people involved in it. Both the roles played by Rajni garu are wonderful. Therefore I wish this film will become a grand success.”

Since Aishwarya Rai could not attend the audio function due to burning fever, she sent a message regretting her sudden illness. In her message – “Hi Hyderabadis, I thank you all for being part of my successes in my film career. I thank Shankar sir for giving me the opportunity in this film. It’s my honour to work with a superstar like Rajnikanth. I also thank Chiranjeevi garu, who is the chief guest of this function.”

Mohan Babu while speaking, “I came to this function on my firend’s request. Rajnikanth and myself are associated with the film industry from past 30 years. He is my soul friend. He is one of the reasons for my film ‘Pedarayudu’ to become such a huge hit. I have seen his hard work for this getup in ‘Robo’. He must be probably now 65 years. I wish this film should run for so many weeks as much as his age.”

Addressing the gathering Shankar said, “The three main highlights of ‘Robo’ film are story, Rajnikanth and his style and computer graphics. The story of the film goes like this. A scientist will create his look alike ‘Robo’ and inject 100 people’s strength in it. Later he will send that ‘Robo’ in the public. What happens when ‘Robo’ goes in the public is the film all about. The movie has entertainment, fun and shock. Rajni garu will be seen in three get ups. One is scientist, the second is ‘Robo’ and the third cannot be revealed now. Rajni garu as ‘Robo’ is the first of its kind in Indian Cinema. No actor have so far attempted one such role till date. In general we hear actors like Kamal Hassan and Vikram doing characters that requires 3-4 hrs of make-up. But for the first time Rajni garu did it in this film.”

Speaking further he said, “The sound department people including Resool Pookutty have opined that Rajnikanth’s role as ‘Robo’ is at par with Hollywood actor John Nicholson. There are almost 1500 graphics shots in this film. Every technician worked for this film equal to working for 10 films. ‘Robo’ will at par be Hollywood films like ‘Mummy’ and ‘Spiderman’. This is the toughest of all my films so far in my career. I’m able to do it with the support of Rajnikanth garu and with the encouragement given by Kalanidhi Maran. At the time we thought this film will be shelved, Kalanidhi Maran garu lent his helping hand and became the main reason for the completion of this project.”

Praising ‘Magadheera’ Shankar said, “Chiranjeevi garu used to praise me right from my first film. I recently watched his son’s film ‘Magadheera’. That film gave me a lot of excitement. I congratulate the entire team of ‘Magadheera’. It is the biggest film in South India before ‘Robo’ happened.”

Superstar Rajnikanth in his speech, “I’m very happy that Chiranjeevi garu graced this audio function and released the CDs. I’m planning to write a book on the making of ‘Robo’ because there are so many unique features in this film. Producer Kalanidhi Maran is such a great human being that when this project was about to stop he took up this project by trusting Shankar and me. He had spent around 140 crores and gave full moral support till the completion of the film. In the end he honoured the entire team of ‘Robo’ at his residence which no producer have done so far.”

Telling how he got the opportunity to work in this film Rajnikanth said, “This movie was initially planned with Shahrukh Khan. After ‘Shivaji’ when I was just waiting for the right script, Shankar approached me with this film. Since I knew the story before itself, I thought he would ask me to do a villain role. While I was thinking how to softly reject the offer he gave me a shock by saying I am the hero of this film. He assured me that I needn’t have to build six pack abs like today’s young heroes and said that he will manage with my style and presence. Yet another shock to me was when he said that Aishwarya Rai is the heroine. Since he had projected me very well in ‘Shivaji’ I was confident that he would do it in this film also. Saxena is like a Hanuman while Kalanidhi Maran is like a Rama. Both are good friends right from their school days and their friendship is still continuing strongly. ‘Robo’ became world’s No. 1 in iTunes. The credit goes to AR Rahman. This movie is sure to celebrate in a big way in theaters because Shankar crafted this film with a new concept.”

After Rajnikanth's speech, Chiranjeevi released the audio CD and presented to Rajnikanth.

Later congratulating the 'Robo' team Chiranjeevi said, “I’m basically a positive person. But the actor in me is making me feel jealous of Rajnikanth. He has been my inspiration right from the beginning of my career, therefore I used to follow his foot-steps from then on as far as my film career is concerned. I’m feeling so happy for him for doing one such incredible film. This film is not an easy task because it has been taken by combining talent with technology. No doubt this movie will create ripples in the world. When I first entered the film industry, I lacked self-confidence. But after watching him on screen and off-screen, the self-confidence in me got boosted so much that I too can become a big star like him one day in my life. He has been my inspiration throughout my film career but he cheated me at one point. Yes! When everyone where talking about him entering into politics, I too decided to do public service and thus jumped into politics instantly. But he did ‘Robo’ film by skipping politics. If he does so, won’t it burn my stomach? In this manner he cheated me. Recently when my fans asked me to do a film I said a film ‘No’. But these trailers are tempting me to once again say ‘Ok’. If at all I do a film in future ‘Robo’ would only be my inspiration.”

He concluded by saying, “I never asked any director on my own to do a film with me. But for the first time I asked Shankar after watching his first film ‘Gentleman’. He had erased the commercial limitations for the cinema. ‘Shivaji’ was made with a budget of Rs 75 crores and collected around Rs 100 crores. Now with the same confidence ‘Robo’ has been made with Rs 150 crores. It is possible only for Shankar to take Indian cinema to Hollywood range. I appreciate producer Maran for his wonderful nature. ‘Robo’ will no doubt create a sensation all over the world.”

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