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Kaala Movie High Powered Dialogues

Kaala Dialogues Cinecrab
Kaala – The Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie in 2018 had a significantly high expectation level when the blockbuster combo Ranjith, Rajinikanth and Santhosh Narayanan were put together for the second time.

Owing to the greater controversies and criticisms, the movie Kaala has won many people’s heart by its ideologies and powerful dialogues.
The three words dialogue of Rajinikanth in the movie’s teaser proved that the Superstar dialogue has a viral power even if the actor doesn’t use the regional language.

Besides Rajinikanth usual mass punch dialogues, Kaala dialogues are more thought-provoking and have got a lot of societal life lessons.
Also, in addition to the actor, The characters of Kaala delivered highly appreciated deep-rooted dialogues across the movies.

Kaala dialogue about the laws and rights

Laws are meant to protect people, what if the laws create ad-hoc in the lives of people? – Questions this Kaala dialogue.
Mass Kaala dialogue about the people's movement

Kaala dialogue about the people’s movement

Never underestimate those who struggle for their rights in Non-violence.
Mass Kaala dialogue about Unity

Kaala dialogue about Unity

Heard the story of 4 cows and a lion?
Mass Kaala dialogue about Unity

Powerful Kaala dialogue about the Rights and Selfishness

A leader should be selfish. But, Kaala defines the ‘Selfishness’
Mass Kaala dialogue about the Rights and Selfishness

Mass Rajinikanth Kaala Dialogue

Rajinikanth's Mass Kaala dialogue

Kaala – Kya Rey dialogue

Mass Kaala Kya Re dialogue

Kaala Killa dialogue

Not only land, Do you have the lust for other people’s belongings? Check your desire.
Kaala Killa dialogue

Kaala dialogue about Change

How do you define ‘Change’?
Does change means getting away from the ancestry and changing your place of living? food? and Lifestyle?
Mass Kaala dialogue about Change

Rajinikanth Kaala Kumaru dialogue

When someone irritates you, Keep calm and say!
Kaala Kumaru dialogue

Kaala definition about Fascism

Kaala dialogue about Fascism

Rajinikanth Yema Raj Kaala dialogue

Mass Kaala dialogue Yema Raj

Kaala dialogue about colour (Karuppu)

Mass Kaala dialogue about colour (Karuppu)

Kaala dialogue about Land and Rights

Mass Kaala dialogue about Land and Rights

Brave Kaala dialogue

Brave Kaala dialogue

Kaala dialogue about drinking

Mass Kaala dialogue about drinking
Oh ho! How many times have you felt like this? Count your losses before you indulge next time.

Kaala definition of Life

Mass Kaala dialogue about Life

Kaala dialogue about the power of living human body

Mass Kaala dialogue about the power of living human body

Kaala dialogue about Rights

Mass Kaala dialogue about Rights

Kaala dialogue about equality

Mass Kaala dialogue about equality
Last but not the least,
Mass Kaala Katravai Patravai
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