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Petta, The swag of Rajinikanth has got its attention all over the world. The movie makes whoopee in every Rajini fans heart.

You should actually check the list of previous Rajinikanth references that were used in Petta movie before reading this article.

Yes. The movie Petta is a pure celebration of Superstar Rajinikanth.

And, whenever a Rajini movie trailer releases, you would have heard some of his punch dialogues around every nook and corner.

Check some of the famous Rajinikanth punch dialogues that have the power to add value to your life.
So, fans went crazy imitating “Kabali Da” during Kabali movie teaser followed by “Kya, Rey setting ah” and much more dialogues from the movie Kaala.

It is the time for PETTA! Get ready to shout out these powerful mass Petta dialogues.
Not only those which you would have seen in the Petta official trailer, but also a lot we present here.

Mass Petta Dialogues with Powerful Life Lessons

Petta Dialogue On Never Give Up

Mahakavi Bharathi’s well known stalwart writing is being used in Petta.
Never give up. Your actions should remind your opponents this Petta dialogue.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Naan Veezhven Endru Ninaithayo

Petta Dialogue about Health and Eating

So, Are you working hard? Toiling a lot burning your midnight oil every day? Do you keep working failing to remember that you have skipped your breakfast?
Buddy, check your health! It’s too important.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Vayiru Neranja Thaan Da

Petta Dialogue about Work

The best ever Petta dialogue to every working individual.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Seiyura Velaya - Love Oda

Petta Dialogue on Change

Mass Petta Dialogue - Namalae Mathanum
This Petta dialogue is applicable to whoever you are and whatever you do. Do not get compromised when you are really not want to.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Maathuvom Onu ona Maathuvom
Change. Don’t burden yourself for rapid improvement. Do it one by one. And, remember this is a powerful formula.

Mass Petta’s Warning on Being Good

Always, Be good. But don’t be too good. Kaali tells this dialogue about himself and also reminds his friend as Petta Velan “Malik, Nalavana Iru. Romba Nalavana Irukaadha”
Mass Petta Dialogue - Nan Nalavan Thaan Romba Nalavan Kedaiyathu

Mass Petta Dialogue on Hidden Pain in Every Human

The awesome transformation scene and Rajinikanth’s reaction speaks the life of every individual.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Ungalukula Oru Periya Marmam Iruku

Mass Petta Dialogue on Timely Hunt

Wait for the right time to attack.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Eranguren

Petta Mass Commanding Dialogue

Don’t always ask. Learn to command. You should also learn the art of commanding by love. Not as a dictator always.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Seiveergala and Seiyanum

Petta ‘Kola Kaandla Iruken’ Dialogue

This is one of the strong Petta dialogue among all. Express your anger, Let your opponent know.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Kola Kaandula Iruken

Courageous Petta Dialogue

Just Raise up and Step up. You really win.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Nama Ezhundhu Nikirathu Thaan

Mass Petta Rajinikanth’s Kaali Dialogue

The trademark dialogue of Rajinikanth as Kaali from Mullum Malarum in 1978 gets a slight alteration.Mass Petta Dialogue - Romba Ketavan Naan
Be more powerful, wiser and stronger than your opponent thinks about you.

Mass Petta Dialogue on Preparation

Life always presents you some ‘Sirappana, Tharamaana Sambavangal’. The question is are you ready for it?
Mass Petta Dialogue - Sirappana, Tharamaana Sambavangala

Petta Dialogue on Fighting Your Own Battle

Don’t stand unprepared in your battlefields.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Poar Thozhilukku

Rajinikanth Political Dialogues in Petta Movie and Take Aways For You

And, Here are few Petta dialogues that sounded as portraying Rajini as a Political leader.
Rajinikanth’s recent entry into politics and this dialogue gets a good knot.
Mass Petta Dialogue - Paaka Thanae Pora Indha Kaali Oda Aatatha
And, this Petta dialogue at the beginning of the movie also conveys the movie Petta is gonna be a perfect treat to his fans after a long time.
Whatever. Just keep calm and say “Paaka Thanae Pora Indha <Your name> Oda Aatatha”
Mass Petta Dialogue - Yevanuku Yevan da Adima
When Kaali sees the phrase written as “Vaarungal Adimaigalae” he says “Yevanuku Yevan da Adimai” something you should think in your life.
Are you addicted to your bad habits? Just challenge them within yourself with this powerful Petta dialogue.
Also, think whether you are being treated so in any means by anyone around you.

Mass Petta Dialogue - Indha Bhoomi Yevanukum Avan Appan Veetu Sothu Kedaiyathu
Thalaivar’s political entry with this Petta dialogue gives a blow to his competitors. Rajinikanth as Petta also gives a strong punch to the fellows who spoil the lives of people.
Mass Petta Dialogue - En Mannayum En Makkalayum
Hey Kanna! Are these mass Petta dialogues enough to inspire you?
Mass Petta Dialogue - Indha Aatam Podhuma

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