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Rajini's charm stuns foreigners
(Friday, 20th June 2008)
Rajini never ceases to amaze people and the latest to be stunned were three foreigners who worked with the crew of Kuselan in Turkey.

Director P Vasu said, "We had to shoot a few scenes in Turkey and when we landed in that country, the co-ordinators there did not know who Rajini was.

"They saw Nayanthara, Prabhu and Rajini. But as Rajini was, as usual, dressed in simple fashion, they weren't able to identify him as the hero. Finally, unable to hide their curiousity, one of them asked me,'When is your hero coming?' I pointed out who Rajini was. They took a look at him and the expression on their faces said that they weren't impressed."

"The next day, they saw Rajini on the sets and were amazed. The guy who had asked me the question exclaimed, "My God! what a transformation!"



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Monday, 16th February 2009 at 01:00:36

your simply super. i am very big fan. my family your fan. i liked your all movies. exact your chandramuki movi. i like very much. rajni uncle.

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