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Spot report with photos from Kuselan shoot – First ever Exclusive!!
(Saturday, 3rd May 2008)

Superstar has finished the first day shoot in Udumalaipet school yesterday. Again today they will shoot the continuous shot.

A great enthusiasm

Superstar’s visit to Coimbatore has created a great enthusiasm among that district fans. Last night when they came to know that Superstar is heading for Coimbatore in flight, they thronged in airport and received the legend.

100s of cars followed Superstar’s car

Exactly by 8.30 am he left Coimbatore for Udumalaipet. Only by afternoon the shooting kicked off. For 3 hrs they shot and by 5.30 the day’s shoot was finished and Supestar left the venue. Nearly 100s of cars followed Superstar’s car when he was returning to Pollachi for night stay. P Vasu became tensed.

Posters welcoming Superstar

Lots of posters welcoming Superstar to Kovai district were stuck all along Udumalaipet. And fans from adjacent districts too have thronged the venue. And reports say by noon, the crowd was uncontrollable. But they were handled politely by the crew. Only few cameras and camera mobiles were seized from eager fans who clicked the shooting. At one instance when one of the fan was taking, guards rushed to seize the camera. But Superstar said to leave and not disturb fans. (Grt Thalaivaa!)

A delicious lunch

Many fans had great day in entering the shooting spot who had a chance to have lunch provided by the unit. Nearly 1000s of people were provided lunch today. And many of our fans too had a chance to take that food which was delicious.

The soul stirring speech

Today the climax shot involving Superstar delivering the soul stirring speech was shot today. For this, a school stage setting was erected where chairs were put on the stage. Superstar spoke in mike about his friend and other anecdotes from past. In the back drop, we could see the text “Welcome our Superstar for Silver Jubilee celebrations of …….. ……… school”

Banu is there

Our touch up woman Banu was spotted there with Superstar who was taking care of Superstar’s look each and every minute. Really her work and dedication was amazing today and she was always looking at Superstar’s make-up. Whenever she felt that the make-up is slightly disturbed she rushed towards the icon and touched it.

Superstar was spotted in his favourite white and white pyjama kurta with specs and a perfect wig. Superstar was so dashing in this get up.

Source : http://onlysuperstar.blogspot.com/

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