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Rajinikanth watched Paruthiveeran
(Thursday, 1st March 2007)

Whenever a film in any language becomes a super hit, our superstar Rajnikanth makes it a point to watch it. Rajni's biggest hobby is to watch super hits especially if they are in Tamil and analyze the reason for its commercial success.

There is nobody in Indian cinema who understands the nuances of commercial cinema as much as Rajnikanth. He knows exactly what worked in its favour with the audience- the sentiments, the punchline, or a particular song etc after seeing it.

No wonder Rajnikanth is a superstar! He can gauge the feeling of an ordinary person to a mass film. And he never gets bored watching cinema of any kind. Added to that he is one actor, who has no qualms of saying that he watches all kinds of movies, unlike some actors who boast that they don't watch other’s films!

So, when Rajnikanth comes to know that a film is doing well, he expresses a desire to see it. Normally the producer or the star of the film immediately calls up Kalyanam, Manager of ‘Four Frames’ preview theatre and arranges a show.

Kalyanam, knows that Rajni prefers the small screen 90 seater `Screen 2` at `Four Frames`. He immediately blocks it for the evening show. And at 6.30 pm sharp (you can correct your watch), Rajnikanth and his family will be seated . And you hear Kalyanam yelling out to the operator –"Start"! Kalyanam also sees to it, that nobody else is in the theatre or even in the lobby, when the superstar is watching a film.

Latha Rajnikanth brings all the snacks and refreshments from home. After the movie, Rajnikanth comes down by the lift and waves to the crowd outside who has gathered and jumps in to his car and disappears. Later on reaching home, he will call up the star or the producer concerned and chat up with them on the finer points of the film.

On Wednesday(Feb 28), taking time of his busy schedule, Rajnikanth accompanied by wife Latha and his daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya watched Paruthiveeran at Four Frames. Surya, Karthi and Gjanavel of ‘Studio Greens’ were present at the theatre to play perfect hosts to the superstar and family. Later he told Karthi- “It was fantastic and I could not believe that it is your first filmâ€Â. And today (Mar 1) superstar has promised Sibiraj that he will find time to watch Lee.

Director Ameer is on cloud nine these days and he has reasons to feel so as his hard work has finally started paying rich dividends. He was sharing the rave reviews and accolades received by Paruthi Veeran with our Behindwoods correspondent. Ameer was especially elated with the comments of super star Rajinikanth who said, "It was like watching 16 vayadinile after twenty five years. The sharp permeation of Paruthi Veeran into my system has tingled me intensely. This is what is the actual Tamil cinema. The movie revitalized me spreading clean air into each cell of my body. The experience was truly energetic." Recalling pleasantly Rajinikanth's appreciation, Ameer added that super star used the word 'heartful' three to four times in his own fast paced style of speech. Super star also commented that even if Ameer plans to renounce Tamil films, the latter would never leave him at any cost.

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