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Fan narrates the meeting our Thalaivar Rajinikanth in USA
(Saturday, 10th February 2007)

I met Rajini in a restaurant called BABA HUT, in NEWARK STREET, Jersey City, NJ. The owner of the restaurant is also a film actor ( old villian in Rajini and Kamal movies- the guy Kamal kills in Nayagan- police inspector) and he invited Rajini to his restaurant. Incidentally, I was eating there when Rajini arrived and we were all surprised to see him and there was a buzz around and it took sometime to for everybody around to realize that it was actually Rajini.
Rajini was soft spoken and he discussed with his fans about some of his movies and the great expectation and hype that surrounds Sivaji. Few of us requested Rajini to make a few more movies like Batsha and Thalapathi and he said he would love to make such movies too. Rajini asked the people there what we actually wanted to see in movies and we gave all sorts of comments and he enjoyed it all.
He patiently agreed to take some snaps with us and also signed some autographs for us which reads " OM " . God Bless , Rajinikanth.
Some striking points about Rajini that I observed was he was very soft spoken unlike the ANGRY MAN we saw in Basha, Thalapathy or Padayappa - always smiling and polite even to people one-third his age.

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