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Rajini mania taking wings
(Thursday, 12th June 2008)

The magical spell that superstar Rajinikanth cast in the Tamil film world is rapidly spreading everywhere. 'Rajini Style' is a magical term to every movie lover in Tamilnadu. The actor has influenced scores of youngsters into walking, talking, gesturing and bring about an attitude that he so famously brings about in his films.

‘Bujjigadu’ the super hit Telugu flick has hero Prabhas playing a die hard Rajini fan and a song has been picturized in true blood 'Rajini fan' style. An inspired Prabhas sways to the beat in a movie theater in Chennai with huge cutouts of the superstar in the background. The song has been designed as an ode to the superstar with thumping beats. Such scenes in a more disorganized way can be witnessed in real life for every Rajini film's opening week. The real bash being on the first day.

Ram Gopal Varma's Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag featured a female auto driver played by Nisha Kothari as a huge Rajinikanth fan.

The superstar has been making waves outside India as well. He is very much loved and respected by Japanese movie audiences. This affinity started way back when Rajini's ‘Muthu’ was released.

Talent and originality can never be caged and superstar Rajinikanth is the appropriate example for that.

Watch Prabhas play a die-hard Rajini fan in the song 'Thailaiva....Thalaivaa' from 'Bujjigadu'

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