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Chandramukhi Special

Singapore & Malaysia - Chandramukhi FDFS Celebrations


Vignesh - "I went for the 11am show. It is a working day here and yet it was house full!!!11am, lights started to dim and for that so much of cheers, claps & whistles. When SS first came onto the screen 85% of the crowd stand up on the seats with their arms spread upon, started screaming "thalaivar" at the top of their lungs. Man, could not
imagine the adererline!!!"

Dharmarajan - "All I can say is I need to watch it again, as could not hear the dialogues for the first half hour. Not sure if this was Singapore or some other theatre in Chennai. The whistles, clapping and it was festive atmosphere inside the theatre.

Another thing is as far as the result it is already a SUPER Hit in Singapore, this is no exaggeration
The films is House Full in the Yishun theatre for 14 Continuous shows so far and expected to add up over the weekend. This is a record!"

Krishna Pillai - "When the film certificate was shown in the
screen, they were hugh cheers and claps. Can you believe it? Its just a film cert."



Shan - "Here in Malaysia CM, a hot cake all theaters running on full house. This is the first time the tickets sold in black market. I watched CM 3 times. First on the 13th, i saw in colisuem KL, the tickets was sold for most a week. 2nd & 3rd i saw in Kajang, my home town. Crowds, people waiting for hours to get ticket. This morning i call my friend in others places. His family watched the CM in Mines Shopping Centre. In this shopping centre, since its opening no tamil screened accept CM. On 24th when my friend went to buy ticket all sold out for the day, he only managed to 2 midnight show."

Varathan - "CM is certainly a hit in Malaysia.Even till day it is not easy to get tickets. The Malaysian are enjoying and accept this is a very good story by Rajini sir. i had seen the movie for 3 times and planning to go for fourt time soon. Every theater we can see family audience crowds.Malaysia Paper publish that the movie is creating history and Rajini has prove he fast as horse and urges to avoid pirated vcd. Malaysia also having problem with pirated vcd. Police had arrested a scandal involving this today. I was shocked when saw a lot of CM vcd which were pirated and ready to put on black market. For Malaysia fan here, police urges society to report if there is scandal on this. An indian Police named Balan is ready to listen any report on this. the number is 0126425500.Pls do call him if you saw CM cd in sale. Or lodge a police report to any police station near u."


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