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Chandramukhi Special

Other States - Chandramukhi FDFS Celebrations

Bangalore - Chandramukhi Celebrations

"Chandramuki, the 151st Tamil movie of Rajanikant has sent his fans in the city into a frenzy. Putting the failure of his previous film Baba behind, Rajani fan clubs in the city are set to paint the town red to celebrate the arrival of the movie.

Star Fans of Rajanikant, a club of 2,000-odd Rajani's fans, with other fan clubs in the city have organised a grand procession on April 17 to mark the release of their super star's film.

One of the president members of Star Fans, M. Sarvan, told this website's newspaper that the procession will carry a palanquin with Rajanikant's photo. The 30,000-strong rally will walk to the accompaniment of Dolby sound system vans and brass bands.

Digital posters of Rajani's 151 movies will be pasted on 51 tempos said Armugam. The procession will begin on RBANM's grounds at 10 a.m. and terminate at Naga theatre in the afternoon.

After the procession, lunch will be served to the audiences of Chandramuki on Sunday afternoon at Naga theatre, said another president member of Star Fans, Armugam.

Members of Karnataka State Rajanikant Fans' Association have decorated a board in front of Naga theatre with posters of Rajani's movies. Posters include Hindi, Tamil and Kannada movies starring Rajani.

The fans in Sheshadripuram too were delighted with the new release. They are preparing a giant garland for the cut-out of their God. The cost of the garland could work up to Rs. 8 lakh, said a member of fan club. The giant garland is expected to come up at Nataraj theatre on April 17.

Chandramuki, was released on Friday at the seven centres. Apart from Rajani's charms in the movie, the performance of heroine Jothika and comedian Vadivelu were also appreciated by the audience."

Arun - "Chandramukhi was released in Lakshmi Devi Theatre in Hour. The Show started at 7 am morning, around 1000-1500 tickets were issued the show for the capacity of 400 seats. 5 shows was played yesterday.Ticket cost was Rs.50/-.(this will exist for 1 or 2 weeks)"



Hydrabad Chandramukhi Celebrations

Nageshwar - "I am a great fan of Rajinikanth.I have so far watched CHANDRAMUKHI 21 times.Well Thailavars movie was released in a theatre called JAGADAMBA which has a seating capacity 0f 900.well this theatre was considered a bad luck theatre.This theatre doesn't had a hit movie for the past 4 years.All the big budget movies of Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, PawanKalyan, Maheshbabu and  NTR became great duds in this theatre. Well the people vizag or visakhapatnam considered CM as another flop.But I being a Rajini Fan I said to my friends said that CM is going to change the fate of this theatre.Hence it happened that TAHILAVARS movie CM becoming the first hit movie in the theatre JAGADAMBA after a period of 4 years.The movie CM is registering great collections in this theatre Jagadamba having 42 days gross of more than 35 lakhs.Except the morning show all the shows all getting housefull. As I enquired about the movie how the fellow audience are feeling,To my suprise 50% of the people said that it is 3rd or 4rth time they watching it. The Theatre expressed his happiness hearing the hit talk and seeing the collections of the movie through all local cable channels.ALL Vizag people are THANKING our THAILAVAR for giving the cool breeze of CHANDRAMUKHI in this blazing hot summer."


Gopal - "On 13th Apr  2005, when I saw that its going to be released in 17 theaters here, I've gone mad and could not decide on where to watch the movie. Me and my friends decided to watch it in Erragadda Gokul theatre (which is nearest to us) and went to book the tickets. Unfortunately we could not get the tickets for morning show. So we have opted for the evening show tickets.

Next day when I woke up and went to office, I thought I could not wait until evening. So I went to the theatre during morning show. The counter was not open at that time. A crowd of telugu fans started gathering outside the gate. At one point (even before interval was not over for the morning show) they started knocking and literally breaking the gate.

After the interval was over for the morning show, They opened the counter. A big queue was there (here I would say the city fans maintained the queue and everyone was patiently waiting. No one crushed anyone. But its all for just 15 minutes until all the tickets were sold out. Then the crowd went mad and started yelling and scolding. There was a mixup in Ladies counter and Gents went and grabbed some tickets from there too.

I spoke to some of the fans who got the ticket for noon show. They said they are eagerly waiting to see the show and this time they are expecting very much from Thalaivar.

Then I have waited there until the morning show was over. I spoke to the fans coming out of the movie. They all said its a different movie and good. Some fans said they will watch the movie every weekend until 100 days. (usually it happens here only for renowned telugu stars). Public people are very much appreciating the film.

I have gone to the evening show and watched the movie. Movie was simply nice. I liked thalaivar's intro scene. Wow! Even today he is as young as Rajadhiraja. The visil sound was so much that I could not clearly hear the dialogs. Especially visil was high during thalivar intro, Dhevuda and Annanoda.. songs and fights.

I went again to see CM yesterday. This time the crowd was bit higher than on 14th April 2005, I could see lot of tamil fans too this time. The black ticket was sold at Rs150 for the first day and Rs120 for today.

I'm sure it will be a big hit here like Peddarayudu(Naataamai) or Narasimha (Padayappa)"


Kerala Chandramukhi Celebrations

Raj from Singapore - "I am back to Singapore after my 2 week break in India ... at Kerala and in Tamilnadu. I had the chance to visit places like Cochin & Palakkad at Kerala and Pollachi, Coimbatore and Palani at Tamilnadu during my trip to India.

And guess what?! I did watched our CM twice at Kerala ... and I am amazed to see that the movie is doing wonderfully well in Kerala! Here are some of the catch words used in the theatres at Kerala:

"Thellinjirikkunnu, Ithu Rajini Yugam" (Means: It's proven that this is Rajini's rule!)

"Vishuvinu release aaya padangalil ithu thannae Number 1" (Means: Out of the movies released during Vishu - malayalam new year - this is the Number 1 hit)

"Rajini Thannae Super Hero" (Means: Rajini remains the Super Hero)

and there are many more catch words that I could see used by the theatre owners and fans associations.

Here are the wonderful snippets about the comments that I have received at Kerala:

* Many theatres were wondering whether to release the movie in Kerala, as Rajini's Baba was a failure in Kerala and they thought Vijay is the hot selling hero in Kerala. Thus, many of the prominent theatres didn't bid for CM at the beginning and unfortunately all of them regret at the end. Classic example is Aroma Mani. They released
Sachien and it ran only 1 week in Palakkad! They removed Sachien and started running Malayalam movies, but alas CM is found running houseful at other theatres!

* Please view the uploaded documents in the Files section, from the malayalam leading daily - Mathrubumi
I have uploaded 2 documents and though it talks about CM running well in Andhra, you should try and read the 2nd document ... which says that CM is a hit in Kerala! And yeah, it also says in the paper that CM is doing better than ME or is it MX?!!

* I see lots and lots of banners of the Rajini fans in Kerala ...something that the theatre managers confirms happened only during the 90s! Some of the theatre managers like in Sri Devi Durga wondered whether the Charisma of this "old man" will ever subsides?!

* Sri Devi Durga theatre at Palakkad is one of the lousiest theatre in this area. The seats are almost torn, no A/C and the fans are almost not in working condition. Since the prominent theaters didn't bid for CM, they did it half heartedly. Most of the tamil movies are either run in this theatre or the theatres that belongs to Aroma
group. Now if you go beside the theatre, you could see that they are planning to renovate the theatre ... purely based on the collections from CM!! Finally, after many years, this theatre is found making profits, thanks to CM!

* Padayappa ran almost 40 days in some of the prominent theaters in Kerala and Baba ran only for 2 weeks. But CM, that's released on the 14th of April is still running and is making around 70 to 80% collections on every show!

* Here's the facts as to the success of CM. I have seen the Video cassets (not of bad quality) and VCD's (absolutely lousy quality) is made available in Kerala through illegal methods. But our CM still have people (especially families) watching at the theatres! Guess
what? Those who have seen the movies in video casssets and VCD's are now going to the theatre to watch it in the big screen to enjoy it more. This is purely because, they find the movie has high quality and great charms and acting by our SS.

* I saw huge cut-outs of CM in Coimbatore, Pollachi and Palani. In fact, I could see some cutouts near to the Palani Murugan temple road junction itself. This cutout is raised by the Rajini fans and they were thanking the public for making this movie a mega hit - something in line with the banners that we in Singapore put up. Since, I didn't carry my PDA phone at wherever I go, I couldn't capture these banners.

* In short, the news that I have gathered from the people whom I have met in Kerala and Tamilnadu (Pollachi, Coimbatore and Palani) is extremely positive and most of the fans are extremely happy to see not CM becoming a hit, but CM trouncing all the competitions ... be it in Taminadu or in Kerala!

That's all folks!"

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