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Actor Pratap Pothen speaks about Rajinikanth and Lingaa
(Wednesday, 10th December 2014)

Today as I watched the promos of Lingaa..the new flick of the legend Rajanikanth ....I realised that here is a man who the camera loves ...and he performs for the camera ....he does not think of an audience ....he does it for the camera that loves him and who he loves in return...his screen presence is electric .....his transformation into what we see on screen is magical ...and even after all these years he still looks the same ....and whatever he does no matter how crazy it is to the brainiacs comes out as believable and enjoyable .....from a simple ....throwing the cigarettes kicking up a storm in Chandramukhi one really enjoyed what he is doing ....his dialogue became phrases that seeped into pop culture ...his variation of the simple I did it my way .....en Vazhi Thani vazi.....and other similar phrases became cult ...he is a star in the true sense of the word ...a man who will live on forever and ever ....only because he believes in what he does and does it with aplomb ...I salute the great Rajnikanth ....and i am glad to have known him both as a friend and as a peer......

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