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Bangalore court grants temporary injunction against distributor Singaravelan and 105 medias
(Thursday, 26th February 2015)

Bangalore court grants temporary injunction against distributor Singaravelan and 105 medias including JayaTv, SunTv and The Hindu, The Times of India and Indian Express refraining them from publishing any negative news on Superstar Rajnikanth and Lingaa.

Everyone would be very much aware about the ongoing issue of the movie “Lingaa”. There had been dispute between few distributors of the movie “Lingaa” and the producer ‘Rockline’ Venkatesh and hero of the movie Superstar Rajnikanth. Singaravadivelan who is heading the distributors had many allegations against the producers and the hero of the movie. Singaravadivelan along with few distributors had staged hunger protest demonstration, conducted many media meets and had spoken very much ill about Rajnikanth and Rockline Venkatesh.

Though the demands made by the “Lingaa” distributors were illegal and they were very much aware about it, they did not mind to keep their demands with stubbornness. The distributors even approached many politicians and gathered support for their issue. Politicians who later came to understand that their demands were illegal, they moved away silently. But Singaravadivelan continued his demands and kept troubling Rajnikanth and Venkatesh by issuing media releases. Distributors at one point of time, made a open statement in a press meet that they would be making a begging protest starting at Poes Garden, where Superstar Rajnikanth is residing. They even added a statement that the begging protest would be inaugurated by a renowned politician.

Kalaipuli.S.Thanu, President of Tamil Film Producers Council(TFPC) who met Superstar Rajnikanth a week ago, had discussed with him about the issue. Later today Sarathkumar, President of Tamil Film Artistes Association met Superstar Rajnikanth and Venkatesh and had a detailed discussion about the issue. Parallel to it Sarathkumar separately met a representative of the distributors of the movie “Lingaa” and took their grievance and had also discussed with him. Today late in the evening Sarathkumar and office bearers of the TFPC met to find an amicable solution for the ongoing “Lingaa” controversy.

In the meantime, ‘Rockline’ Venkatesh, Producer of “Lingaa” had filed an affidavit seeking Permanent Injunction in the Court of the Principal City Civil and Sessions Judge, Banglore requesting the Honourable court to restrain 105 persons which includes few publications from the Print Media, Visual Media and Social Website platforms. The petition states that few media had been making negative remarks about the movie “Lingaa” and its hero Superstar Rajnikanth. Adding to it, he has mentioned Distributor Singaravadivelan and few other distributors had made negative publicity about the movie and its hero and that had earned a bad reputation to the movie, hero Superstar Rajnikanth and the Production company. Rockline Productions had already prayed for a Interim Injunction on 12th May 2014, against 80 publications to restrain them from publishing any negative news about Superstar Rajnikanth or the movie “Lingaa”. An Interim Injunction was ordered against 80 Publications listed in Rockline Productions petition under OS 3606/2014. On 30th of October 2014, Rockline Productions had withdrawn the petition stating the reason ‘As Plaintiff doesn’t want to continue prosecuting the above suit in view of the changed circumstances, it is most humbly prayed that the same may be disposed off as withdrawn in the interest of justice and equity.’.

Petitioner Venkatesh has also prayed the Honourable Judge to Grant an Ad-Interim Ex-parte Prohibitory Injunction for OS 3606/2014. The petition has marked that Singaravadivelan and other distributors had made dharnas and are planning to make campaigns like begging campaign and etc., to cause serious damage to the petitioner T.N.Venkatesh and Rajnikanth.

The learned council who after examining the application had Issued an Ex-Parte Order of Temporary Injunction against 105 (Hundred and Five) which has Print Media, Visual Media, Electronic Media and Social Website totalling 95 (Ninety Five), 9 (Nine) Individual persons namely, Singaravadivelan, L.K.Krishnakumar, Balaviswanathan, R.M.Kandan, N.Aavudainayagam, Chandra Kala, R.Srinivasan, R.Maha Prabhu, R.Sathishkumar and 1 (One) association named M/s.Publishers and Broadcasters Welfare Association of India.

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