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Kabali box office collections: Rajinikanth rises to Rs 677 cr
(Monday, 8th August 2016)

Superstar Rajinikanth starrer is adding to its phenomenal score slowly but surely. Even as the take is slowing down fast, the big number is getting refreshingly bigger. Having made the news with the earnings for so long now, there is no doubt that Kabali will be a spent force by the time next week rolls in.

We have seen Kabali collections rocket up, then level off and now it is on a downward spiral that is unstoppable. With the direction and speed changing, the revenues themselves are hiccuping but still moving – they are not moribund by any stretch of the term. 

It remains to be seen whether Rajinikanth will do what Salman Khan did and that is keep Kabali movie in the cinemas and try and squeeze the last penny out of it in a desperate attempt to pad up the takings as much as possible. Beyond a point this kind of strategy does not add to the lustre of the actor or the film. Nevertheless, every person has a certain set of options and choosing the best option possible may or may not be possible. 

Kabali is a super movie. It grabbed the imagination of the masses. And it has the proof to show for it – from the crazed crowds at the cinemas to jets roaring about in Kabali colours, shiny gold coins in home temples, posters on T-shirts and most of all it is visible, in the fattened collections that the filmmakers have raked in. In this regard, the latest figures for the period available are a take of Rs 215 crore within India, about Rs 40 crore of it from the northern audience, and some Rs 262 crore from the foreign regions. All of this added up to the initial promo/marketing take has fattened up the Kabali collections to Rs 677 crore. 

While the collections figures are massive, surely Rajinikanth must be trying to crack the northern Indian market. This time around the response was much better than his previous attempts, but still it did not make for a standout sum. The triumph would have been phenomenally bigger if Kabali collection had turned into a Rs 100 cr sum. Imagine where the total collection would have taken Rajinikanth! While a Rs 1,000 cr figure would still have been out of reach, it would have put the Rs 700 crore mark easily withing reach and perhaps the Rs 800 cr mark would have been whispered about! 

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Gowtham,Madurai , Tamil Nadu
Monday, 26th September 2016 at 14:13:48

I am a very big fan of Thalaivar. The collections given above are from ticket sales alone or have the satellite right prices been included ? I read an article from IB Times that the actual collections from Ticket sales were 350 crores. Can you guys provide the BO collections from Ticket sales only ?

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