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Functions & Events

Samy Silver Jubilee Function (2003)

The 100th day celebration for the film 'Sami' was held at Kamarajar Arangam yesterday. Rajini the god to his devoted fans was the special invitee.

In recent times, Rajini has not participated in any public events and functions. He accepted to attend this function since this film was produced by his mentor K.Balachander's Kavithaalaya enterprises.Rajini's Speech matched everyone's expectations. He was career in uttering his words while praising Vikram and director Hari.

My vanakkam to the Tamil whom I revere as god. I was chatting with Vairamuthu at 5.30 am fortnight ago. My assistant interrupted me to say K.Balachander is waiting to speak to you in phone. I called my assistant a stupid and asked him to connect him to K.Balachander immediately, the director spoke to me in the phone he said he is coming to see me. I will come over to see you. For which the director said it's all right I will say what it is about over the phone; I am celebrating 'Sami's 100th day celebration this 24th I want you to participate and distribute the mementos and speak in the function.

This is much needed at present for industry's sake. I replied saying now a day I don't participate in functions. For which the director said am I not different from others. My next word was to question when is the function? He said on 24th okay I would attend.

This is how I respect Balachander sir and everyone is a ware to know he deserves it. Actually this is the only function I am attending after the release of 'Padaiyappa'. VijayaKumar told me to watch the movie 'Sami' I saw it the tempo is continuous without slack from the beginning to last in the movie. I have done 150 films but when Vikram was shown in the screen it was impossible to find out that he is a police officer. I thought oh my, even I haven't done scenes till as he and is seen saying Onnu Sami, Renudu Sami, Moonu Sami, Naalu Sami, Anju Sami, Aarusami while climbing to seated in the car. I thought about what a round of applause from the audience would be given for Vikram's breathless dialogue delivery.

Lord Krishna has preached wherever there is unrest I shall appear - in the Gita. Like wise we can make the enemy to lose with our cleverness for the well being of ten or thousand people. That's what they call cleverness. Acting as a Police officer Vikram is realistic and clever to avenge the Villain who is a Politician. I liked it very much. When I said politician, it's not all politicians, Like wise, when I say police it's a particularly those and for Goondas it's not all the Goondas but certain Goondas.

I wonder how Hari handles this in the movie. How were this dialogues written? He happens to be just a 32 or 33 years old. Either he must have read a lot or suffered, experienced a lot. Nor must be a genius. Hari is a genius. In the movie's climax if the Villain is spared - that's it, if let alive it must be said as enquiries, so he conveys that he is alive somewhere and burns him at last. That was superb.

Vikram has become a star after striving a lot. I had Balachandar for me the beginning so I was made a Super star without challenges. Vikram has strived for 10 to 11 years. He proved himself in Sethu. 20% in Dhil, 25% in Kaasi, 40% in Gemini, 60% in Dhool. In the film 'Saami' he has captured to win 100% of the mass.

Balachandar used to say, to become a mass hero you have to get a good characters. To have a reach with the mass, it takes a character like Annamalai, Muthu, Batsha, and Padayappa. That's the limit for an actor. Balachandar offered me such a character in the film 'Netrikkann'. Vikram too is doing the roles for mass reach. He has a good future.

Vijay looks a sort of quiet and calm type when seen in real. But takes different forms in the screen. I saw the film 'Kaaka Kaaka' with different identity. It shows what and how as I.P.S officer must be not only in physique but also through body language.

What should I say about Balachander? He offered me a comedy role in the movie 'Thillu Mullu' while I was an action hero. He met my wife without my knowledge to advice her about my temperaments and to adjust with me, when he came to know about our marriage. Nobody came forward to direct my 100th film 'Ragavendra'. Balachander made the film. He was the reason for my 'Padma Bhooshan' award. As for as I am concern he is not only like Bheeshma, he is also like Dhronachariya. Bheeshma can do whatever he thinks. Dhronachariya can make a mountain out of a molecule.

A lot many come for acting nowadays. They called themselves Super star. This is just a place for people like a Commission, a Collector, A P.M or C.M. Those who are in the trend occupy it. After some time they move out. They say long live the king. But after his death another becomes a king. But the thrown remains the same. Likewise, who ever gives super hits in box office, which is also reachable to the mass only those are Super stars.

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