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Latha Rajinikanth interview in CNN IBN
(Wednesday, 10th December 2014)

CNN IBN's Anna Isaac spoke to Rajinikanth's wife Latha Rajinikanth ahead of 'Lingaa' release. Here's an excerpt from the interview.

12th of December is Rajinikanth's birthday and Lingaa is also releasing on the same day, so how special a day is it for you?

It is indeed a very special day. In his career, this is the first time movie that his movie is releasing on his birthday. It is an extended family birthday celebration from all over the world.- in so many countries. Wishes keep pouring in. I would like to thank millions of fans. We're extremely humbled.

How is the family celebrating his birthday?

We are unable to plan anything for his birthday because every moment comes as a surprise. We want him to feel comfortable and relaxed. There's as it is so much pressure during the release. It's a special moment because we go to theatres and watch the show, first day first show with the fans. For me the birthday celebrations is with 'Lingaa'.

He didn't do any film in last four years because of his health problems, so how challenging was 'Lingaa' for him?

'Kochadaiiyaan' was a different genre and we thought it was a big step in terms of technology in the country. Since then he was waiting for the right moment. It's not really challenging. He becomes an actor as soon as he stands in front of the camera. It just happens. The magic is in him. He was just waiting for the right moment. Maybe within his own mind if he has said that it could have been till he goes there and stands in front of the camera, that was the only moment I think he was waiting for. After that it's all magic.

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